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A Brief Insight into the Loss of Mac Miller

Pittsburgh rapper, Mac Miller, died on September 7th, 2018 from a tragic overdose. It has been over a month and his death still holds a heavy weight in many of our hearts. Mac Miller fans saw him as more than a talented artist, he was a friend. Mac represented a majority of the population who struggled with addiction. He never tried to hide the fact that he got tangled up in dark situations and that made him more relatable, more real. We expect people who are in the spotlight to live these perfect lives and set these great examples, however Mac showed us that addiction doesn’t discriminate.

From the first episode of Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family to his appearances on Wildin’ Out and Ridiculousness, it was apparent that he had a contagious personality. I remember the overwhelming urge to smile and laugh while watching him on TV just because he was smiling and laughing. As a fan group, we were all so supportive of his journey in healing and sympathetic during times of relapse. Mac Miller’s fanbase truly became one during this devastating time. Mac was a light in the lives of his friends, family, and fans. He was a light in my own life and I for one can say this has been one of the hardest celebrity deaths to handle.

Mac Miller will always remain alive in his music and in our hearts.





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