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A Boost with Internships!

College is known to be the best four years of our lives. The parties we don’t remember, the boys we can’t wait to forget, and the girlfriends we can’t imagine life without. Sure, it’s all fun and games until we have to get down to the real deal – internships. Where do you even start?! Your internship gives you the experience you need in order to make it in the real world. It also tests how well you perform under pressure.

From HC to you, here’s a little head start with all the crazy.



If you didn’t know, the Dali Museum (which is like, a 5 minute walk from campus!) provide internships that deal with almost all majors. The Dali offers internships in these departments:

– Museum Management- Finance- Development- Hospitality- Education- Graphic Design- Video Recording and Editing- Social Media- Marketing- Human Resource Management

The Dali is extremely flexible and understanding with college students. They get that we have other things in our lives we have to attend to. Internships are unpaid and require a two-day a week or 15-hour commitment. Not bad at all! The best thing? The program is informal and can be designed to fit right into your schedule.

Applications are accepted from both undergraduate and graduate students and are able to receive college credit if desired. The deadline for summer internships is March 1, Fall deadline is July 1, and Spring deadline is Nov. 1.

If you had no idea where to start with internships, don’t worry collegiettes, you’re not alone. The Dali Museum is only one of many that provides this experience for students.  Good luck and happy hunting!




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Cynthya is a sophomore at USFSP majoring in Mass Communications. She currently holds the position of Editing and Content Chair in her chapter. She aspires to work at Cosmopolitan and write to her heart’s desire. She loves to be adventurous and often agrees to try new things with a, “why not?” attitude. She loves the city life because she was raised in South Korea and sees herself living in New York among all the skyscrapers and cabs one day. She's destined to becoming a dog lady because she has so much love for every pooch. You can contact her by email at [email protected] or follower her on Instagram at @your_cynsation.
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