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Blogs I Love: The College Prepster

This summer I had a lot of free time on my hands…a lot. Somehow I got caught up browsing the Internet for hours at a time (isn’t it funny how one website can take you to another, which then takes you to another website and so on?). Well, I managed to find my way to several blogs, one of which I want to tell you about because it is so awesome!

The blog I am totally infatued with right now is The College Prepster written by Carly. TCP is different from any of the blogs I’ve ever followed for numerous reasons. First of all, Carly knows how to write for her individual readers; I feel like she is speaking directly to me instead to a thousand girls I never have or will ever meet. Carly is also really great about posting daily. When I say posting, I don’t mean a quick blurb about her nail polish color or what mood she is in today. Her posts are detailed, well researched, well written, and thoughtful (not to mention the fact that most days she posts twice!). I love how apparent it is that Carly really puts effort into her blog with links to old posts that address things she is talking about such as where she got an outfit, or a review on a product she uses, and she also compiles photos using Photoshop which you can tell take a lot of time.

TCP covers a variety of subjects, including DIY projects, book reviews, personal stories, outfit posts, and more. She covers such a wide spectrum that there is a post for almost every blog lover and reader out there. The blog also has numerous sponsors and Carly frequently does really amazing giveaways for all sorts of products. Several of her sponsors also do online discounts if you navigate through TCP or use the TCP savings codes (which can be found under the blogs posts connected with particular sponsors).

Not satisfied with how awesome this blog is? Carly also wrote her own book; The Freshman Fifty by Carly Heitlinger is available through amazon for only $9.99! Carly wrote this as a sort of survival guide for college freshman, discussing things she wished she knew on entering into college (something I think we all wish we could tell ourselves).

The College Prepster is a can’t miss blog that I am completely obsessing over, and I really hope you check it out! You never know, it may become part of your daily routine like it did mine.

Photo Credit: http://thecollegeprepster.tumblr.com/

Emily is a senior at USFSP studying English Literature. She has been with Her Campus for one year and one month, and loves all the friends she has made by joining. Her hobbies include reading, spending time with friends, baking, and catching up on her favorite television shows. Her favorite thing about Her Campus is the ability to write about things that are relevant to girls her own age, as well as covering fun campus events. She looks forward to her last semesters of under graduate study and Her Campus USFSP.
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