Behind The Music: Logic


Logic first started getting into rap music at the age of 14 and began to perform as a rapper when he was 15 years old. When picking his name, his friend suggested that he look through the Webster dictionary to find one word to describe him. He was instantly drawn to the word “psychological” and began to use it as his stage name. At times, his friend would call him Logic for short, making Logic see just how better that flowed than the name psychological. He spent numerous hours and days in a basement with friends, continuously writing and producing music in hopes of getting that career he has always wanted in music. One day a manager saw a video of him freestyling online, knew he had to reach out to Logic, and from there his career skyrocketed.

However, things didn’t come easy for Logic growing up. Logic grew up in Maryland with his father who was African-American and his mother who was White. They lived in a section 8 household and Logic was raised in a very broken and destructive home. His parents were addicted to crack, cocaine, alcohol, and various other drugs. Logic’s mother was abusive at times and his parents just never really did a good job at being parents. All his life he struggled with being mixed, because on the outside he looks white but he himself identifies as African American. People were always so quick to judge him for getting into the rap industry since they believed him to be just some ordinary white guy. He constantly had to prove himself and show the world that he belonged and that there is so much more to him than meets the eye.

Never in a million years did Logic believe that he would be at the point where he is now in his music career. His songs have been grammy nominated, at the top of the Billboard charts for weeks, and his album “Everybody” recently just went platinum. He has such a diverse crowd of fans who deeply appreciate all that Logic does with his music. Personally, I love that he can be so open about sharing his life story. I also greatly appreciate the fact that he touches on modern days issues like racism, that others are too fearful of doing. He constantly promotes the importance of equality and never fails to let his fans know just how strong they really are. Logic believes that no one should ever feel alone and everyone should spread peace, love, and positivity.

Rapping was his escape from the madness that was his life and now Logic is killing it! He has shown me that if there is something that I really want to go after/accomplish, I have the power to do just that if I stay positive and put in the work.

I’ll be seeing him live for the first time this summer and I honestly cannot wait. I am beyond ready to be in his presence right up front in pit, preaching along to his positive messages in his songs. I already know that it is going to be an experience that I will never forget and I am counting down the days for it.


Shayla Fajardo