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Arielle Stevenson

Name: Arielle Stevenson

Year: 4.5 year Senior

Major: Journalism and Media Studies, Minor in History (I know you didn’t ask but I’m a showoff so…)

Organizations: I’ve been a fairly inactive USFSP student on campus. I did organize the on-campus Vagina Monologues benefit performance for C.A.S.A. for three years. I hope to start writing for our campus newspaper, the Crow’s Nest in the fall.

Part-time job: Radio Disc-jockey on WMNF 88.5 FM, Mondays from 10-Midnight, Freelance writer for Creative Loafing, Freelancer for westchase.patch.com.

What’s a typical day for you?: Today is Monday, so today always begin with a strong cup of black coffee, maybe two. Then, I work on stories from my little makeshift home office and start writing. I work in Westchase and Tampa so I try and get my interviews and meetings with editors out of the way early in the day. Class is the afternoon and evenings so I whip up some dinner and ride my bike to class. I usually get make fun of for wearing my helmet at least once on my way to school. I haveclass until 8ish. I ride home, jump into my 93′ Toyota pickup and zip off to the radio station in North Tampa. For two hours, I either play music from the main studio or host bands in the live studio where I interview them between songs. I usually finish my day around 1 a.m. with a bowl of cereal and reruns of Chelsea Lately.

What do you love about USFSP?: At USFSP, you can pretty much walk into any professor’s office and talk to them directly. Our professors know us and care about us. I don’t think that kind of relationship between educator and student is the same at other universities. I really believe it is that care that is crucial for success and a real learning experience. The fact we have downtown at our fingertips isn’t too shabby either.

Favorite place on campus: As a JMS student, I love to hang and kvetch in the courtyard at the Peter Wallace Florida Center for Teachers. But as far as beauty is concerned, we have the beautiful bay surrounding our campus and I love going down to the waterfront or getting a window seat at the library.

Quote you live by: “Be yourself, be kind, and always carry duct tape.” – My grandmother’s words of wisdom.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?: Downtime? What is that? I’m an audiophile so anytime I can get out to hear some good live music, I take it up. Last night, I was at the CSS/Sleigh Bells show. I love playing Apples to Apples with friends and cooking delicious feasts for my loved ones. I have a really tight knit family so I spend most of my downtime hanging with them.

Proudest Accomplishment: Our Ethics Bowl team placed third at the Ethics Bowl competition last fall and was invited to Nationals. Most of my college experience has been outside of campus, so it was really nice to work hard on something that represented USFSP.

Plans upon graduation: Continue freelancing. I hope to start freelancing nationally and internationally more. I’m also looking at graduate school programs. Also, I’m working on publishing a zine’ for St. Petersburg. I’m in the process of applying for grants to get the publication up and running.

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