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Are You Ready to Walk a Mile?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFSP chapter.

Everyone has been talking about it, so what is Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes?

Courtesy of UDaily

You guessed it – you literally walk a mile in her shoes – but what is it for? Well, Walk-a-Mile is an international event in which people come together to show their support for the victims of sexualized violence, gender-related assault, and rape. You take a walk in someone else’s shoes and by doing so, you are raising awareness for issues considered too sensitive to discuss in polite company. By being a part of this event, you are helping to break down societal walls.

USFSP Women Empowerment Club

The USFSP Women Empowerment Club is hosting the 1st annual Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes event this Thursday, March 31st at 4 P.M. on the Harborwalk. Walking in heels is not required, but prizes will only be rewarded to those who wear them. You may register as an individual or a team. Food and t-shirts will be provided to walkers, and prizes will be rewarded to the top three walkers in each race (Individual and Student Organization).

To register as an individual: https://orgsync.com/82732/forms/188025

To register as a club: https://orgsync.com/82732/forms/188028

Email questions to kvwagner@mail.usf.edu or ksonstroem@mail.usf.edu

Are you ready to walk a mile?







Megan Hammer is a junior at USFSP and is majoring in Global Business. She loves to travel, write, and listen to music. She is a musician herself, so she enjoys playing with other musicians in her spare time. An Illinois native, she is interested in experiencing different cultures and trying new things. Some places she has traveled to include Monaco, France, Germany, Italy, and England. Megan is constantly on the lookout for her next great adventure. She dreams of joining a volunteer service organization and giving time to communities in South America or Africa. As President & Campus Correspondent, she proudly represents the USFSP Her Campus chapter.
A Mass Communications Major with a passion for inspiring others.