The Answer to ALL Your Easter Cookout Prayers!

Traveling is stressful for everyone during any holiday season. Between packing up very little of your belongings, loading up all of the materials, and the ever-so-stressful planning of events, the stay, and the meals. If your family is like mine, a cookout is your go-to meal plan any time your extended family is invited over for a holiday, (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas). Not only are cookouts considerably more affordable and quicker than a traditional meal, they also provide an option to please every member of the family. Unfortunately, the stress of planning and executing any meal for a number of people even with a cookout is still overwhelming. Whether if you believe it or not,  part of this stress can be permanently eliminated with one simple device; the Car Exhaust Griller.

The “Car Exhaust Griller” is an invention I came across a while back while mindlessly scrolling through social media when I should have been studying and, of course, I had to stop. This beauty is one of many numerous ingenious inventions rumored to be created out of the minds of a handful of Iranian inventors. This apparatus works by utilizing already existing exhaust fumes and passes them through a pipe and over the grilling platform causing the plate to heat up and pass out the other end (Note: The exhaust fumes NEVER touch the meat). As the plate begins to heat, the previously placed raw meat of choice and design begins to sizzle and cook as you make your home from Easter Mass. Within a few minutes, the burger is thoroughly cooked; just pull over, remove the meat, prep, and go!


The griller is a small to medium sized, sleek and silver metal attachment that snaps on to the exhaust of any vehicle; it can even switch between vehicles! The basin of the grill where the raw burger is places is round and features a ridged plate to cook the meat just like any other grill. Worried about extremely greasy burgers? No worry! All the grease is collected in the outermost rim of the grill preventing build up.Cleaning of the appliance is not an issue either. Just remove the the griller from the car and wash it up just like any other skillet or dish.


Why would anyone ever purchase the car exhaust griller? It is simple, really. For one, there are no additional fuel costs to grill your burger. Like previously mentioned, the burger is cooked as a result of the smoke released by the car's exhaust which heats the plates grilling the burger; it utilizes what is already existent thus leaving no extra cost at home either to heat up the stove or grill which pays the environment a huge favor. The griller works great for everyone; young and old, rich and poor and especially truck drivers who drive across the country at all hours of the day. Due to the fact that the owner purchases the materials and grills the burger on the way to wherever that may be (virtually hands free!), the thousands of dollars spent on fast food yearly is substantially downsized in addition to the fact that the food-goer is now eating a considerably healthier meal. Even though the machine looks hard to attach to a vehicle, it actually is one of the easiest things to assemble. All that is requires to position the grill is two hand to snap on the add on and grill on. The best part of the griller exhaust is the complement and inquiries one receives when it is placed on the car. Anyone with the exhaust griller will be the center of attention, entire towns will be envious of your master griller abilities.


Despite the endless benefits of the "exhaust burger", I couldn't’t help but to acknowledge the potential hazards and drawbacks of grilling via car. Safety is a concern anyone must take in consideration when purchasing any new item; even when it comes to a grill attachment for your car. At first glance, the invention seems perfect; minus the third degree burns from removing the burger, losing your lunch at a stoplight because of the additional length of the exhaust, and the ever-so-common quick lane changes (resulting in more accidents) to try and save whatever is left of the charred remains of what was a quarter pounder. Also, the gadget is not ideal for families, which the car exhaust griller would be a financial solution to the hundreds of dollars one may spend traveling across country. The reason being is that in only one burger can be grilled at a time resulting in countless stop-and-go's while on the road (which could be dangerous) to feed the entire family resulting in both wasted time and fuel  leaving a sit-down restaurant a more feasible option. Not to mention the fact that there is no buzzer, alarm or timer that can be plugged into the vehicle to let the driver know when it's done. Sure, the company states on the product a few minutes should be enough; but how does one tell a few minutes? Does car/engine size make a difference? What about speed? Either way, burnt hands and burgers or food poisoning is the only way out of this mess.


Regardless of the ingenuity and creativeness of the invention, very few people would purchase such a device. Most would prefer that they would have a "sit down" meal with their family where they could converse about their day. Others may fear poisoning of their meat or the unattractiveness to their car. Overall, the "Car Exhaust Grill" was a extremely refreshing and plausible idea that probably will not go very far; except the very few who can appreciate it like myself.



Alexis Schlueter