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Another face-full of awesome Earth

When it comes to Earth Day, celebration can take many forms. You can pick up trash on your street, plant a tree or even get drunk and recycle if you’re an ambitious college student. As for me, I prefer seeing the new Disneynature movie that comes out every April 22nd.

Last year’s film, Oceans, took a jaw-dropping look at the aquatic underworld with vivid close-ups of sea creatures you will never see any other way; it’s like watching nature in high definition. The scenes can range from an army of birds plunging into the ocean or close look at a giant jellyfish — and no, it’s nothing like Sea World. At amusement parks you can usually see something cool from a distance, and are left to imagine what it would look like in front of your face.

Disneynature documentaries actually peer into the lives of our world’s living organisms, as if there’s a camera attach to them. The movie Earth, released on Earth Day 2009, gave the same intense look into areas all over the globe. The films usually follow a few specific animals and their families for long periods of time, examine what they do in real situations of life and death and throw close-ups of many other creatures in the mix. Filmmakers catch things that nobody would ever see in a rushed safari or overpriced theme park —and if you can find it in an IMAX theater, even better.

For Earth Day this year, Disneynature has the film African Cats in store for us. With the added bonus of Samuel L. Jackson as the narrator, I imagine African Cats will be like the loveable The Lion King, only real. Go see it April 22nd and celebrate the Earth on its special day.

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