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8 Shows to Binge Watch Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner and with it comes mounds of turkey and a chance to drain your bank account with items that you don’t need and might regret later. For TV lovers, it gives you the opportunity to binge watch shows that college has gotten in the way of starting.

It’s okay, on your days off from class you don’t need to aimlessly search through the browse option on Netflix, I got you covered.

Here is a list of the top 8 shows to start watching over Thanksgiving break.
  1. Gilmore Girls

I don’t mean the new Netflix revival that is set to come out November 25th, although that’s what I’ll be watching, I mean the original series. Gilmore Girls is the epitome of the perfect fall show. If you have ever dreamed of living in a quaint small town with charming townspeople where you can stroll around town with a coffee in hand, then welcome to Stars Hollow!   

2) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Need a laugh? Because the show was created by Tina, Fey, you can only imagine how funny it is. Kimmy was kidnapped as a kid and held in a bunker (kinda grim, I know) when she is finally found she is forever stuck in this child like state of mind. Now, as an adult, Kimmy must figure out how to live and survive in a place that rivals the bunker, New York City.

3) One Tree Hill

I’m one of those people that need that one show to be emotionally invested in, and this my friends, is that show. Every single character you forge an attachment with and when the show is over, a piece of you dies. I’m aware that that sounds extremely dramatic but it encompasses the show, so it’s okay! One Tree HIll follows a group of teens through high school and later transitions with them into their adult lives. It sounds pretty to the point, and it is. Just like our normal lives, there are highs and lows, and in this show be ready to ugly cry way more than you would like to. But that’s what makes it so real. Also, Chad Michael Murray is in this show, should I have lead with that?

4) Chelsea Does

Chelsea Handler has a docu-series on Netflix where she discusses 4 topics: Marriage, Silicon Valley, Racism, and Drugs. One thing  that I love about this show is that she discusses topics that our society should talk about but in a light hearted comedic way. There are only four episodes so you could watch it all in a day if you would like.

5) The 100

If you liked Zenon as a kid, you might like this show. It takes place 100 years in the future, and the air on the space station that people are living on is running out of oxygen. Did I lose you yet? It gets better, I promise. People on the Arc need to somehow get back to earth and figure out if it is habitable again. That’s where the drama starts. How do they figure out who to send? Are there people living on the ground? What about animals that you have never heard of before? Will they make it to Earth on time before their space station runs out of oxygen? Fair warning, there is a lot of blood and gruesome acts in this show but it’s all worth it because BELLAMY BLAKE, you’re welcome.

6) New Girl

30 minutes of Zooey Deschanel being funny. Do I need to go on?

7) Switched at Birth

This show is centered around sign language so if you look down, you might miss something. Daphne and Bay, were switched at birth and the two families don’t realize it until they are both in high school. One of the daughters is deaf which means they have to figure out how to adjust and merge their families together. It’s a good wholesome show that will teach about sign language and acceptance, and if you’re like me, you are going to want to start taking ASL. Win- win.

Last but not least……

8) Parks and Recreation

We’ve all seen the Ron Swanson memes that seem to encapsulate our desire to not interact with other humans. So it only makes sense to watch the show in which they originated. Park and Rec shows a group of employees working in the Parks department in a government building in Indiana. They are striving to build one massive park throughout the show’s seven seasons. All the characters are wacky and have colorful personalities, and they are all extremely funny. These episodes are short so you get through them quickly, which is sad because you just want to stare at Chris Pratt for as long as humanly possible.

Even though I only listed 8, don’t let my list limit you. There’s a whole land out there waiting for you and it’s filled with titles ranging from Orange is the New Black, to Stranger Things, Gossip Girl, Friends, anything you could want. So take these few days and binge watch some shows, only getting up when absolutely necessary…to get apple pie obviously.

Oh, and Netflix, we are still watching.



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