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8 Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts

The classic Valentine’s Day gifts are sweet but can also be the cheesiest – ever heard of, “oldies but goodies,”!? 

“I love you beary much!” Who HASN’T gotten one of these?




A dozen roses, or two dozen, or five….



Nothing says cheesy like a mason jar full of candy!


As cheesy as these are, they take a lot of time, preperation, and love to make. Appreciate these!


Ah, usually store bought, but always mind-numblingly delicious. 



Are there really 52 things or are 40 of them made up? (If you’ve done this and actually thought of 52 legit “things I love about you,” then, kudos!)


Or, “you are puuuuuuuurrrrrrr-fect!” Cute and punny (see what I did there?)!


His and her shirts. I’ve never actually seen anyone wear this.



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