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5 ways to prevent procrastination

“Nah, I’ll do it later. It’s not due till midnight anyway.”

Have you been saying that a lot lately? I don’t blame you, the end of the semester is the hardest. Summer is creeping up and I don’t have time for all this school work. Well, I do, but, you know how it is. 

Procrastinating is my worst habit. I do it all the time – I put off assignments until the last minute and stress until I submit it. I don’t want to live that life anymore, and nor should you! I’m going to share some tips:

Plan your day out…… and follow it. Set a time – maybe two hours – for homework time. Actually do the work during this time. Set the time for early in the day so you don’t feel rushed at night.

Do most of the work SaturdayI know, this sort of sucks. But almost everything is due Sunday at 11:59, so if you get most things done the day before, there will be less to work on!

Keep snacks near youI always make the, “I’m hungry, I’m going to take a break,” excuse. So keep some snacks near you so you don’t have to get up and break your concentration.

Put away the phone!Yes, I said it. Put it on silent and turn it face down away from you so you don’t get tempted to look at your social media. It’s honestly not hard to turn away from Instagram or Snapchat for a while…because if you leave it untouched, you have loads of notifications to check after homework is completed!

Wear something comfortableDon’t wear anything fancy while doing work. Wear something comfortable. For me, I like to wear my yoga pants and a big t-shirt with my hair tied up. I also like to put on fuzzy socks so my feet don’t get cold.

All in all – DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Nothing good will come out of it. Don’t forget that you came to college for a reason – don’t lose that sight! 



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Cynthya is a sophomore at USFSP majoring in Mass Communications. She currently holds the position of Editing and Content Chair in her chapter. She aspires to work at Cosmopolitan and write to her heart’s desire. She loves to be adventurous and often agrees to try new things with a, “why not?” attitude. She loves the city life because she was raised in South Korea and sees herself living in New York among all the skyscrapers and cabs one day. She's destined to becoming a dog lady because she has so much love for every pooch. You can contact her by email at [email protected] or follower her on Instagram at @your_cynsation.
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