5 Dorm Items You Don't Think About Until You Forget Them

One of my three roommates and I moved into our residence hall three weeks ago- a week earlier than most of the other on-campus students for our on jobs at school.

There were a million or so things that I had on my packing list, but as soon as I moved into the residence hall, there were what felt like another hundred or so items that I forgot to buy or bring, even though this is the third year I have done the move from home to a dorm room.  After unpacking everything and setting up my room, these are some items that were forgotten and are important for comfortable and clean living:

1. Shampoo and conditioner

After unpacking everything, I realized I brought a ton of Bath & Body Works body wash, but ZERO bottles of shampoo or conditioner.

2. Shower hooks to hang the shower curtain

Let's just say I nearly flooded the bathroom and drifted away during my first shower this year on campus. Even though I hung the shower curtain OVER the rod, it doesn't have the same effect as being attached to the rod.

3. Garbage cans- for the kitchen, my bedroom, and bathroom

It is great having a Target less than 20 minutes away from campus; I certainly seemed to forget many practical items for my dorm room this time.

4. An extra power strip

Last year in my bedroom, I had two power strips. That might sound a bit excessive, but I didn’t realize how many things need to be plugged in until I ran out of outlets! Lamps, fans, a mini fridge (I have one in my bedroom for food I don't want to share), iPhone charger, my TV, my Amazon Firestick, and my Keurig are all things that are just currently plugged in.

5. Lined paper

I know, I know, it's school. How can I forget paper?? I am not exactly sure. I brought a few notebooks, 5 brand new colour-coded binders, highlighters, pens and pencils- but I discovered I forgot to bring paper in my school supplies bag.

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Hayley Garron