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10 Questions a Floridian Has About This Cold Weather

In Florida this week, the temperature is as high as 80 degrees. This time of year is generally when people expect snow, but here, the sun is bright and glaring. While everyone was  shivering and wearing hoodies a couple weeks ago, they are now taking their flip-flops out again. We thought 50 degrees was cold, but I see people in other states with weather in the negatives and snow piling on top of their cars. As a Floridian, I have several questions about this phenomenon.


1. How many layers do you wear? Do some people risk it with just one? What’s the maximum amount of reasonable layers?

Via https://giphy.com/gifs/discovery-channel-hyEj2le99qcWA


2. What do you do if your car door is frozen shut, or if ice is completely covering the windshield? Stay home? Do you get a pass for showing up to school or work late?


3. If your hair freezes, what do you do? Just let it melt and drip down your face?

Via https://www.allure.com/story/iowa-girl-hair-frozen-sticking-up-viral-video


4. If your drink freezes, do you microwave it? Do you just let it thaw? What if you licked it like a popsicle?


5. Does ice get on the bottom of your shoes? Do you ever slip because of that, or because of the icy ground itself? Would it be out of the question to take off your shoes and just walk in your socks? Would your socks freeze and stick to the ground?


6. Is it even enjoyable to make a snowman in weather that is in the negatives? The same goes for sledding. I’m especially curious about making snow angels. Does anyone even do that in weather like this? How do you protect yourself from the snow – windbreakers? Really, really thick windbreakers?

Via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowman


7. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you because of this weather? Frostbite? Do you ever make a trip without any problems? Or would that be nearly impossible?


8. How does your dog deal with this weather? I would gladly accept any pictures of dogs you might tag me in on Instagram (@xiaserpenta). If they are cold, please give them boots and sweaters!

Via https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/lifestyle/4180911-cold-weather-tips-ke…


9. How do you deal with the wind? Do you have to hold on to something if you’re walking outside?


10. How do you do it? How?

Via http://www.the13thfloor.tv/2016/03/10/the-story-behind-the-legendary-los…


Stay warm!


And remember that there are countless homeless people struggling in the cold, so here are some ways you can help them: https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/30/health/iyw-how-to-help-the-homeless-in-th…

Xia Serpenta is a freshman at USFSP and her major is English Writing Studies. She is one of USFSP's senior editors and wants to be a writer or editor after college, alongside other various jobs that she has yet to decide on. Xia's hobbies are reading fiction and poetry. She also hopes to travel outside the country and pet animals across the world.
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