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Tutorial: Transitioning Makeup from Day to Night

Transition your makeup from day to night in these six easy steps!


Step #1:  Prime eye with an eyeshadow primer. This will help your eye makeup stay on all day and all night without creasing – I like to use Urban Decay Primer Potion. Next, take the color Naked from the Naked palette by Urban Decay and place that in your crease with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Blend that out by using windshield wiper motions from outer to inner corner and slowly moving your brush up towards your brow bone.

Step #2: Take the color Buck from the Naked palette and do the exact same thing at before. But, this time make sure to stay focused in the crease and do not blend up towards the brow bone. By doing this, you are creating depth and dimension!

Step #3: To complete the daytime look, take the color Sidecar from the Naked palette and place that all over the lid with a stiff, flat brush. I recommend packing on this color rather than sweeping it to avoid getting it all over your face. Depending on when you bought this palette, it may have came with a brush or two sided eyeliner. If it came with a brush, use it for this step (it’s my favorite to pack on glitter eyeshadows like this one). Take a little bit of Buck on the same fluffy brush from Step #1 and blend this on the lower lash line.To finish of the day time look, use a small brush and the color Virgin in the inner corner and on the brow bone. This will give you a highlight and bring the whole look together.

This completes the day time look! Of course, add mascara, eyeliner and whatever else you like to wear during the day.
Now, after a long day you’re ready to go out with your friends and have a super fun night! But, something a little smokier is in order. You’re in luck because it is super simple to do!
Step #4: Take the color Hustle from the Naked palette on an angled brush and place it in a “V” shape on the outer corner of the eye. With no additional product, start to blend that into the crease. With the same brush, take a tiny bit more hustle and put that on the outer corner of the lower lash line and blend into the top of the lid. Once everything in blended out, you can add more to get your desired smokey effect. My favorite brush for this step is the Sigma E70 – its my essential smokey eye brush.
Step #5: Add winged (or non winged) gel, liquid, or cream eyeliner. It helps to use one of these types because it won’t smudge throughout the night! I used the e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Black, it stays put and it’s only $3! I also put a normal pencil eyeliner on my water line and upper lash line (tight line) for that extra darkness – this is totally optional.
Step #6: Lastly, add some volumizing and lengthening mascara to create a bold lash. You can also use false lashes at this step if you’re super adventurous! Just make sure to hide the band by going over it with your eyeliner again. 
If you want to see how to complete the face and eyebrows, or if you want to see all these steps in action please check out my video that is linked below. Have a fun night!
Hi there! My name is Soleil Borda and I mainly write about all things beauty! Visit my YouTube channel for tutorials and all sorts of fun stuff :)
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