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Trends Set To Survive 2017

There was something truly unique that happened during the 2016 fashion year. Skinny jeans evolved into mom jeans, beanies evolved into baseball hats, and layered necklaces evolved into chokers. Granted, some of the aforementioned trends have been lurking in the shadows for a while, but twenty-sixteen was their time to shine. With 2017 already in full swing, it’s time to predict the fate of some of the best 2016 trends.


1. The Off the Shoulder Blouse

An off the shoulder top paired a choker or neck scarf can do no harm. This feminine classic emerged in 2016 as a major music festival staple and will continue to grace the racks of boutiques in the months to come.

2. Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg and vintage silhouette pants are a universal response to the cruelty of stretch skinny jeans that have been the dominant pant for the past few years. The wide-leg has been embraced on the runway for a while, and I see them staying wearable in the coming year.


3. Mules

This is the trend I hope and pray that we are collectively here for. The mule is the new fashion sneaker, the new loafer, the new sandal, and the new boot. I suspect there are exciting things in store for the mule. 



4. Flared Jeans

Let the 2000’s reign on, people! The flared leg paired with a peasant top and sandals is back. Another response to the authoritarian skinny jeans, the bell-bottom look is sure to last through 2017 and possibly well after.


5. Sock Boots

If you haven’t seen these Go-Go dancing revivals, you must have not been out recently. The skinny ankle shape is being worn by the masses. Booties had their time, the pleasing sock silhouette is here to shine.

6. You guessed it, Chokers.

The simple, the statement, and everything in between will continue to be worn by your friendly Instagram models, friends, neighbors, and everyone else in the world. I predict this year to be the year of the outrageous statement choker.  

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