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Outfits on TV NO ONE Would Wear IRL

 **We should never shame women for what they wear. It’s just funny to imagine someone in real life wear outfits like these TV ladies have on a daily basis**

We’ve all had our TV show/movie role models. I have heard my fair share of statements like, “I am SO Blair” or “Hannah is my spirit animal”, to name a few. We adore our lead ladies and  aspire to have as much feist, confidence, and beauty as them.

But in some cases, one thing we do NOT envy is their fashion sense. Here are a few examples: 

 Sharpay from HSM 

Sharpay is the definition of fabulous. She literally sings about how fabulous she is. But really, if a person in real life wore a short dress with cut-outs and sequins, a long necklace, large earrings, a tiara, AND carried around a little dog with dyed fur and a tiny tiara, it would be a li’l cray, know what I’m sayin’?  


 Blair from Gossip Girl


Each of these pieces separate are fine, but put all together, it is very busy and…overwhelming. Also, each of those items probably cost more than my history textbook. 


Cece from Shake it Up 

 Fedora+ striped shirt + sequin vest + ripped AND acid washed jeans = NYEEEHHH!


 Lindsay Bluth from Arrested Development 

I doubt anyone would wear this shirt in real life unless it was a joke. Please let it be a joke. 


Regina George from Mean Girls 

If you have the confidence to wear this, then good for you! Other than on Halloween, I am willing to bet no one would go to class like this on a normal day.


Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars 

  But seriously, what kind of weather calls for bare legs and a long, heavy jacket? 



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