How To: Pull Off the Colorful Eye Trend

When I was looking at the makeup trends for spring and summer of 2016, the one thing I couldn’t keep my eye off of is the colorful eyes trend. It was on the runway in Paris and New York, and almost every major makeup brand – high end and drugstore – has come out with a bright color in their new eyeshadow or eyeliner lines.

This is not a trend I picked up on when it rolled around years ago, but now I am all for it. I looked up multiple YouTube videos for inspiration for this post, and here are the ones I found to be AMAZING.

Jaclyn Hill:

Manny MUA:

These videos have kind of out of the ordinary looks, which can be great for using colorful eyeliner, but I am going to give you three everyday ways to wear the hottest trend of the spring and summer!


The Traditional Winged Liner

This is for someone who is looking to make a statement! Take your favorite liquid or gel eyeliner in whatever fun color you choose and start your wing. Make one, continuous line, starting from your lower lash line and make it as long as you want. Draw a line from the top of the wing to your eyelashes, then bring out to desired thickness, and fill in! It takes practice, but the result is amazing! If you want to wear eyeshadow, I recommend sticking to light, neutral colors. I used the Milani Liquid Eyeliner and the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (colors: Naked 2 in crease, W.O.S on lid, Venus for browbone and inner corner highlight).


Colorful Lower Lash Line

This look is one of my favorite things to do with my makeup. I have done this style with multiple different colors, but my favorite is blue. For this look, I recommend doing a neutral or slightly warm toned brown on the lid in order to keep the focus on the lower lash line. Take the primary color you are using and pack it onto the lower lash line. With a clean brush, buff out the color with no additional product. Keep adding color and buffing it out until you reach the desired effect. Finish the look off with black eyeliner on the top and bottom water lines. I used Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (colors: Frappe on lid, Neptune on lower lash line, Shimma Shimma for browbone and inner corner highlight) and MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow (color: Soft Brown in the crease).



Glitter is something alot of people are afraid of doing, but I promise, it can be super simple and super interesting. Again, I would recommend doing a neutral eyeshadow color, keeping the focus on the glitter. Do your eyeliner however you choose (I chose a wing, even though I don’t do this on a daily basis), and apply the glitter eyeliner on top of the regular eyeliner. Also apply the glitter on the inner lower lash line, from the inner tear duct to about the middle of your eye. There should be a little space between the inner corner and where your glitter starts on the top. See, super easy! I used the Milani Liquid Eyeliner, the NYX Glitter Eyeliner, and the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (colors: Naked 2 in the crease, W.O.S. on the lid, Venus as the browbone and inner corner highlight).


These eye looks will surely grab people’s attention this spring and summer! Don’t be afraid to play with makeup and create different looks! For inspiration, head over to Pinterest and YouTube – that’s where I get mine ;)