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How to be an Athleisure Pro


Athleisure is a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation.  While the pieces are nothing new, Athleisure focuses on the collaboration of workout clothes and everyday clothes. This look has become every “It Girl’s” go to outfit and here’s how you can replicate it like a pro!


Grabbing yourself a pair of adidas is the easiest way to ace this trend.  They are comfortable and make pulling off that old school look effortless. Although, if you’re really trying to dive in you’ll have to step your sneaker game way up.  New balances provide the perfect sporty touch to your outfit and they come in such a variety you never have to worry about matching someone else.  Nike, however, will always be the reigning champ for fashion sneakers. You can never go wrong with a great pair of classic, black nikes.


2. Sneakers (option 2)

If those brands prove to be too sporty for you, step into some oh-so stylish slip-on sneakers. Steve Madden does a fabulous job of creating the perfect slip on shoe.  To die for looks include: black snakeskin, textured cheetah, and any bright solid color.  These slip ons look best when they stand out, dull colors are so boring anyways.
3. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are the Rihanna and Top Gun love child. They are making a well deserved comeback as the blazers of the athleisure world.  You can pick yourself up a bomber from about every retailer, in every color.  However, the fall colors rocking the street styles are army green, light pink, and black.
4. Hoodies

It’s time to dust those hoodies off and start strutting them around town.  These jackets are best approached from a minimalist point of view. Hoodies with simple words across the front, that are cropped, or come in a color that really pops are the best practices. Pick one thing that makes your hoodie stand out and you’ve captured the look perfectly. Hoodies paired with an over coat are sure to reach the pinnacle of “cool girl” vibes.
5. Leggings

Lulus are a girl’s best friend… and for good reason!! Lulus are great for a girl on the go. They are comfortable but add a touch of edginess. Try their leggings with the mesh cutouts for a sleek, sexy day look. They look great with either slip ons or sneakers.  Stylish leggings are the icing on top of a stylish wardrobe cake and a must have.
Lastly, if you ever lose sight of this fashion trend, look towards the goddesses of Athleisure: Gigi and Kendall. 






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