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If you have a makeup obsession like me, you were probably thrilled when Rihanna came out with her makeup line, Fenty Beauty – I know I was! I am 100% certain that Rihanna can do no wrong. Her voice is magical, she empowers young women and she even founded the Clara Lionel Foundation! When I saw the huge range of shades of her foundation, I was even more excited. Fenty Beauty celebrates every person’s skin color and is inclusive to all races. I put off buying the foundation for a couple weeks. Did I really need another foundation? No. But did I want a new foundation? Hell yes, especially if it one created by Rihanna. Keep reading for my honest opinion about Fenty Foundation!



Price: I am someone who commits to investing in a good foundation. Having problematic skin, I need full coverage and something that won’t irritate my skin. I am pretty used to dropping a good amount of money on foundation, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Fenty is only $34. For a high end foundation, this is pretty reasonable. Given her platform, this foundation could have been a lot more expensive.

Range of Shades: AMAZING! Rihanna created 40 shades of her foundation. Not many other high end brands, even ones that have been established longer than Fenty, have this vast range. Now, the shade I bought was not the right shade for me. It washed me out and masked any color I did have. I’m sure that if I wanted to exchange it, I would find the right shade. But for the below reasons, I didn’t want to!

Coverage: Like I said, I need full coverage, like very full coverage. I was happy to hear that Fenty is full coverage. But to my disappointment, it wasn’t as full coverage as I am used to. I like to be able to apply only one, or maybe two layers, and be good to go. But I found myself applying more than I would like to get the coverage I wanted.

Formula: This was the real deal breaker for me. I found that the formula dried very quickly and didn’t blend out very easily once it dried. This was so frustrating, especially when I needed to apply a lot of product to get that full coverage.

Overall, I didn’t love Fenty foundation and ended up returning it. My rule is that if I don’t love it more than what I already have, then I shouldn’t keep it. That being said, if you’re someone who doesn’t need a super full coverage, doesn’t mind using a lot of product, and doesn’t mind the quick-drying formula; this is a great foundation, especially for the price! I still think her brand is amazing and her commitment to inclusively should be the standard for other brands! I am definitely excited to try all her highlighters!


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