E-Board Cut: What to Watch this Week

At HCUSFCA we are kicking off the semester strong, studying hard and publishing great articles for Her Campus. But, all that hard work deserves a little downtime over the weekends. Here we have rounded up our E-Boards favorite Netflix, and Hulu shows to bring you the cream de la cream of entertainment suggestions – so you can start the microwave now, these suggestions are poppin! 

Kayla – Marketing and Publicity Director

  Recommendation:  Dead To Me (Netflix) 

One of the most entertaining television series I have recently come across is Dead To Me on Netflix. I was immediately drawn to it because I saw that actor, Christina Applegate, was starring in it and I recognized her from a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode. This show is basically about the journey of an Orange County real estate agent and mother of two trying to unravel the details of a hit and run incident that killed her husband which opens her eyes to all the secrets and lies kept from her. A new friend, Judy Hale, comes along for the ride and a close bond between the two is formed as they lean one another to cope with their struggles. This series is not typically something I would go for, as it is a dark comedy series, but I found it not to be too extreme. It was tough to not watch one episode right after the other because I needed to know what happened next!

Marisa – VP & Editor in Chief  

Recommendation: Love Island Australia (Any season, Hulu)

I know what you are probably thinking, Love Island? Are you for real?? But wait, hear me out. The Australian version of this show takes place on the sun-soaked island of Majorca and is the perfect escape from winter quarantine blues. Five alarmingly attractive couples pair up, complete challenges and compete against each other for a grand prize. If the accents alone weren’t reason enough to watch, there are many cringe moments, drama and questionable outfit choices. All said, making a fantastic show that is perfect for turning your mind off and closing out the day. I am so glad I found this show, it is oddly refreshing to see the competitors worry about who saw who cuddling up – instead of catching COVID or politics. 

Hanh – Events Coordinator and Treasurer  

Recommendation: Umbrella Academy (Season 2, Netflix)

If you’re looking for a show that combines sci-fi, dark humor, and a sprinkle of time travel, season two of the Umbrella Academy may be your next favorite binge. Putting the “fun” in dysfunctional, our famous siblings are back, and this time it’s wacky. Get ready for a blast from the past as the Hargreeves find themselves in 1963 Dallas, Texas just in time for John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Throw in a talking goldfish, three murderous Swedes, a cult, and time travel becomes way more complicated than it needs to be. Season two builds on the messed up family dynamic of season one and finally shows the forth and maturity of each Hargreaves that we didn’t get to see in season one. 

MaryCate – CC and President 

Recommendation: The Politician (2 Seasons, Netflix)

The Politician is a witty and engaging show following high school-aged students as they come of age and encounter different life challenges and conflicts. Watching The Politician engages the viewer through some relatable and other dreamy experiences that some may only wish of fathoming. It’s a fun time and is an enjoyable way to witness the truth of some of the dirtier sides of politics while remaining entirely fictional and a-political in a real sense.

Lucia – Senior Editor 

Recommendation: Little Fires Everywhere

With action, drama, and mystery wrapped into six 45-minute-long episodes, the Hulu show produced by and starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington will have you ready to watch the whole series in a single sitting. Exploring the themes of race, gender, class, and sexuality, and all tied together by the overarching role of motherhood, the show feels exceptionally relevant to the battles our country continues to face. It is also set in the 90s, making for fun visuals and pop culture references.