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City Girl Survival Guide To: Fall Break in the City

So if you’re like me, you have (ONCE AGAIN) managed to forget about the most amazing thing USF has to offer: Fall Break. Somehow, for the 4th year in a row, I have gotten so caught up with the first few weeks of school that I completely forget to make Fall Break plans. I’m basically quarantined to the confines of SF due to high plane ticket prices and an inability to squeeze myself into some friend group’s plans.

If you find yourself in the same situation as me, lets not think of our missed opportunity to leave SF as a negative, but rather a road less traveled that can lead us to many more adventures. Afterall, Fall Break is the most opportune time to explore the city. Let’s tear this 7×7 city apart and leave no corner untouched! Without further ado, I give you the City Girl’s Survival Guide Vol. 1: The Fall Break Edition!


Now that we don’t have class, or any homework to try and finish whilst hungover, lets boozy brunch it up! Pink Elephant has twenty flavors of  SELF SERVE, BOTTOMLESS mimosas. TWENTY! And it’s all for $20! Like oh my WOW, how have we not tried this place?! The second must go brunch place is Sabrosa.  Straight from our favorite neighborhood – the Marina – Sabrosa is a delightful place to have brunch. Take a patio seat and people watch, or be watched as you sport your latest lulu’s and sip a mimosa you concocted yourself. Because, yes we have full ability to do that, and as professional City Girls we can make a darn good mimosa. Drinks aside, this Mexican style brunch will change your life and take your taste buds to places they have never been. It’s “obvi” a Fall break must!

Day-Time Activities!

While we know our favorite local city spots, there are some super toursity activities we can totally get on board with. Fall Break is the perfect time to be a tourist  because no one’s here to watch you do it! Your secret is safe with me and you’re allowed to get a little toursity now and then. This fall break you can catch me renting a bike to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve genuinely never set a foot on this beautiful landmark, only driven over it to escape the fog, and whisk myself away into the countryside (aka Marin) for some sunshine. That all changes this weekend! Secondly, and maybe I’m a little late to the game, but I have yet to go to the SF MOMA! I love art and yet never have to visit exhibits. I’m still kicking myself for missing the Oscar De la Renta exhibit at the De Young (#rookiemistake).  

Let’s also take this time to do the things we’ve done before but really enjoy; like the Farmer’s Market. Let’s spend some quality time down at the Embarcadero; maybe get some avocado toast, relax and stay a while. Role play with the city – pretend you’ve never met before and get reacquainted. Lastly, GO TO THE MOVIES!!

All things Sweet.

I have never been to Mr. Holmes Bakshouse, and this weekend I will be waking up at the crack of dawn to buy a cruffin (half crossiant, half muffin) and take my obligatory instagram picture next to that infamous, fluorescent sign. I will also be indulging in a Pie Shake from Chili Pies, because we’ve been apart for too long. I’m also DEFINITELY heading to Ghirardelli Square to a) get my free sample of chocolate and b) get an ice cream sunday. After all of this, the sugar rush alone will make you excited that you stayed in SF!

Night life!

One of the Cardinal rules of being a City Girl is always be prepared to take your look from “day to night”. As the sun sets you can find me at the Tonga Room.  It holds a reputation for being one of the trendiest bars in downtown San Francisco. It has a lagoon in the center of the room and Tiki Huts throughout the venue. My night life must-try for this weekend will be Brixton’s in the Marina. While over looked by the East Side West hype and the crowds of Bar None, Brixton’s is actually a gem. It has a very alluring and mysterious vibe to it. This weekend I’ll be sipping one of their special Vodka Cucumber Basil Gimlets, if you care to join.  

These are just a few of the must-try activities and places on my fall break itinerary. I will not be a victim to my poorly planned weekend and neither should you! Instead, take this opportunity to be a true City Girl!

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