Beauty Blender vs. Beauty Sponge: Which is Worth Your Money?

I remember receiving my first Beauty Blender as a gift for Christmas about three years ago. I didn’t know what it was or how to use it, so I threw it in my makeup drawer where I thought I would never use it. One day I was watching a YouTube makeup tutorial (which is no surprise, I watch them every day), and she was using a Beauty Blender to apply her foundation. It obviously looked gorgeous so I immediately tried using my Beauty Blender to do the same thing – I was hooked. Now, not only do I use it for foundation, but I use it every day to blend out my concealer. There was even a time I went on vacation and forgot to pack it, so I made my family stop at the nearest Sephora so I could buy one. The OG is pictured below.

Up until recently, I never wanted to try out a generic beauty sponge from the drugstore because *pssh* how could ANYTHING ever live up to the OG Beauty Blender? The one person who changed my mind? Jaclyn Hill. Yes, the YouTuber and beauty guru of my dreams. She could tell me to buy worms in a can and I would do it – that’s how dedicated I am. Anyways, she used a Morphe beauty sponge (the one pictured below) and loved it so I had to try it out. Let me just tell you, this thing is only $6.99 and works even better than my Beauty Blender. It’s a little more dense and that allows for equal product distribution. It also soaks up less of my product than the Beauty Blender. I have been reaching for this sponge every morning instead of my Beauty Blender, and no one would have thought this would happen. No really, ask anyone. I have yet to try out the Real Techniques beauty sponge, but I have heard great things about that as well.


If you have access to the Morphe beauty sponge (available on, go for it. You don’t need to spend $20.00 on the Beauty Blender when there is one for less than half the price that I find is a lot better. Also, if you don’t have a beauty sponge, drop everything and go get one right now because it will forever change the way you do makeup. You won’t regret it!

P.S. The best cleaning product for beauty sponges is the Beauty Blender cleanser in the liquid or solid form. I would spend the extra money on that ;)