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Alejandro Ledesma ’12

Age: 22
Grade: 4th year
Hometown: Barcelona
Housing: Off Campus
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Business

Watch out collegiettes, this foreign exchange student is sure to win you over with his smile and Spanish charm ;)
Describe your personality.
I’m confident, funny, and I love meeting new people. Also, I love to party and play all kinds of sports.
Why did you choose to study abroad at USF?
I wanted to be in San Francisco because all of my friends told me that it was an incredible city.
What do you like the most about USF girls?
I haven’t met a lot of them, but they seem to be friendly and funny.
What are your hopes for the future?
Start my own business and maybe live in San Francisco for a few years.
Turn ons for girls?
Good smile, funny, and mature.
What do you find the most confusing about girls?
You never know what they really want.
Fun facts about yourself.
I speak four languages and I love Formula 1. 

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