642 Things to Write About Pt.1

I'm a sucker for interactive coffee table books and I love to write so this book "642 Things to Write About" from Anthropologie is my favorite thing I own right now. Today, I decided to open up to a random page and write under the prompt it gave me. Here it is. 


Prompt: Write for 5 minutes about what is running through a husband-to-be’s head while his wife-to-be in walking down the aisle to the altar where he stands.

Holy sh%t. I never imagined we’d end up here. She’s definitely the most beautiful girl I have ever dated. Woman, I mean. We’re getting married, we’re adults now. For real. Sh*t. Wait, does that mean we aren’t going to eat dino-chicken nuggets after sex anymore? Do adults not eat dino nuggets? No wonder people aren’t happy in their marriages, not only do they stop having sex, they stop eating freaking dino nuggets. That will never be us. Our relationship was practically built on dino nuggets. Well that and we both love Real Housewives... And cheesy eggs! … And uhh...how we think it’s gross to wear rain boots without socks!… Oh! Oh! And we both hated how in elementary school they would identify which side of the paper you should fold by calling it hamburger or hot dog, like just teach kids the words horizontal and vertical? Haha, Come to think of it, we’re a really good match.