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5 Steps To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Suck Less

As everyone in a long distance relationship knows, LDRs can be really, really hard. Going off to separate colleges or leaving your partner’s city for a job can make it difficult to find time to connect with the one you love.

In the spirit of October’s snuggly fall vibes, here are five ways to make the distance seem a little bit closer: 

1. Utilize your devices! You have a phone for a reason - although it can be annoying to wait on a text, or check your phone every few minutes, it’s totally worth it to check in with your S.O. Texting can also be fun; tell them a joke to make them laugh, or just send a quick emoji to let them know you’re thinking of them. Sending pictures as a sweet reminder of how good your hair looks doesn’t hurt either! You definitely don’t have to text all day, everyday, but try your best to keep them in the loop.

2. Think classic romance - what did your fifth grade crush do to make you swoon? What would a Shakespearean romantic do for their loved one? Consider writing up a heartfelt letter or charming note to surprise them in the mail. This is something tangible for them, that they can keep forever. Surprising them will add more spontaneity to your relationship, and keep the spark alive.

3. Merge calendars. This may seem a little excessive, but if Jane the Virigin's couple goals Jane and Michael can do it, you can too. This will allow you to feel more integrated in your partner’s life - plus it's fun to countdown the weeks until you’ll be reunited again! This is also a good way to plan a Facetime, or Skype session without all the hassle.

4. Date night! Think you can't have a date night because your significant other is 1,300 miles away? Well, you can! A good Skype video call and a meal is worth the effort. Communicate just as you would if you were sitting across from them at your favorite restaurant. Alternatively, you can dim the lights down, put on the same movie and have a movie night. This isn’t a long distance relationship, it’s a relationship WITH distance.

5. Think about downloading an app that is exclusively made for LDRs. “Between”, an app that shows the weather in both of your cities, stores your photos, and allows you to set up anniversaries, is the perfect solution to feeling close to your S.O, but there are a dozen apps that serve the same purpose.

Using these tips, whether it's from San Francisco to Boston, or New York to San Diego, you'll feel closer than ever! 


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