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5 Finals Week Essentials & Where to Find Them

Finals week is rough, we all know that, but with the right materials you can conquer it and hopefully make it out alive. I’ve narrowed it down to five essentials that all college students could use to get through this otherwise torturous week.

1. Tons of Caffeine… from Copper Cow Coffee

It’s no secret that all college students live off of coffee, but making a good cup on the go is certainly a challenge. Copper Cow Coffee gets the job done in an innovative, convenient, affordable, and absolutely delicious way! With both the coffee filter and milk + sugar provided in two easy packets, all you need is your to-go mug and some hot water to get the perfect cup of Vietnamese pour over coffee. After a late night of studying and no time to spare in the morning, you have one less thing to worry about with these perfect little packs!

Making through Monday like ☕️

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2. Cute To-Do Lists… from Rifle Paper Co.

Staying organized during finals week is key. It becomes easy to get overwhelmed with so much to do in so little time. Making lists at the start of your day is a great way to stay focused and get things accomplished everyday. Rifle Paper Co. has the best notepads to get the job done. Writing down your tasks in the morning and then crossing them off at the end of the day is just so satisfying and you’ll certainly want to do it if you have a gorgeous little notepad to use!

Let’s do this! ? rifle.co/resolutions #riflepaperco

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3. A Bomb Playlist… from Spotify

Music is everything when it comes to studying. It keeps you awake and pumped. The only thing is who has time to make the perfect playlist on top of all of the other things we have to do at the end of the semester? If you are in college and don’t have Spotify already I don’t know what you are doing, it’s $4.99 a month for Premium and Hulu is included! Anyway, they have tons of premade playlists for studying. My favorite for those long nights in the library is “Study Zone.” This playlist has really chill songs but by artists you probably know with a little bit of everything so you won’t get bored or fall asleep while studying.

4. Power Snacks… from Trader Joe’s

Food is fuel. You have to keep munching to keep your energy up. As a college student on a budget Trader Joe’s is by far the best place to find good snacks at low prices. Healthy snacks like fruit, carrots, and almonds are the best for keeping your metabolism up and providing you with some long lasting energy to keep studying. However, it’s also important to reward yourself with a little treat after getting some hard work done. I think chocolate is the way. Trader Joe’s has the best dark chocolate peanut butter cups, they are the perfect way to treat yo self after getting through that insane pile of flashcards.

5. Fun School Supplies… from Ban.do

Finally, bright and colorful pens, highlighters and sticky notes are a must. Having fun writing utensils keeps your notes organized and it especially helps if you are a visual learner like me. Even if you aren’t, having cute study utensils will actually make you want to do your work. Ban.do has the most adorable writing supplies. Between juicy gel pens, electric highlighters, the cutest sticky note sets, and empowering pens and pencils, they’ve got it all. I mean if your pen says “yes you totally can,” then I think you can.

Well there you have it, the five things that will get you through finals week. Even without all of this, although it will help, we are all strong women and it is important for us to help empower each other. I know I’ll get through my finals, so can you, and so can the next girl. Let’s get it ladies, ace those tests!

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