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4 Reasons To Get Excited for Fall

Why should we be so excited about fall? Because…


Fashion. Get out your chunky sweater and cuddle up!


Decor. We’re all about the shimmery pumpkins and twinkle lights!


STARBUCKS! Hello, Pumkin Spice Lattes! We’ve waited all year for the moment when we would walk into Starbucks and see the words “Welcome back, PSL” on the chalkboard.

Uggs. No more weird looks on the street when I walk around in Uggs on the street! ‘Tis the season to wear Uggs and have it be socailly acceptable. Fa la la la la!


So get cozy, collegiettes! Fall is officially here!



Natalie is a freshman at the University of San Francisco. She is an English major with an emphasis in Literature and is an active member of the Xi Lambda chapter of Delta Zeta sorority.
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