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books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf
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4 Great Study Spots in San Francisco

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFCA chapter.

When I first moved to San Francisco, one of my goals was to find a few solid study spots around the city where I could crank out assignments for school. Personally, I am not a fan of doing work at a library unless I really have to, so I knew I had to take the time to find some alternatives. Let me tell you, SF has not disappointed. Here are some spots worth checking out: 


1. Coffee Bar 

Coffee Bar is conveniently located in the Mission District and offers some of the best workspace. They have an incredible breakfast and lunch menu to pair with your favorite coffee. I personally recommend the Vietnamese Iced Coffee. I promise you it will not disappoint. The wifi is very quick, reliable and does not tend to give any problems. The setup consists of mainly large open tables, but personal seating along their deck is also available. It does get pretty crowded, so I recommend arriving as early in the day as possible.

2. Alta Plaza Park

San Francisco is filled with some of the most incredible views from almost any neighborhood. Alta Plaza Park in Pacific Heights literally offers a 360 panorama of the city. This is one of my favorite spots to get reading done on a beautiful day. There is plenty of grass space which means it is a perfect opportunity to make a picnic out of your study session! 

3. The Mill 

This is another spot I love to get reading or writing done. The Mill is the cutest little spot in Nopa right near Alamo Square. It has a good amount of seating to choose from and is usually easy to find if you’re planning to do work on your own. It’s not too ideal for group projects or meetings because it can get very crowded. If you do want to study in a group make sure you go in at earlier hours or once everyone has had breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, they offer the most incredible toast combinations! Everything is freshly baked. YUM! 

4. Workshop Cafe

Got so many things on your plate that you need a place you can stay at all day? The Workshop Cafe in the Financial District is your place to be! Every single work station has a plug for charging your phone, laptop, etc. The really cool part is that you can text your coffee or food order in and they will deliver it directly to your station. Sounds amazing, right? The only catch is that you only get ten free hours of work time. After ten hours, you have to pay an hourly charge. I promise it’s worth checking out, though! It’s quite a unique spot with the very reliable wifi service.

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