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3 Tips to Build a More Sustainable Fall Wardrobe

While the responsibility of improving the environment should lie on the shoulders of governments and large corporations, individuals can still make small lifestyle changes to live a more sustainable life. One easy way to do this is to participate in sustainable fashion. 

I know, Everlane and Reformation aren’t the most affordable brands, but, before you click away, let me tell you about some cheaper or free alternatives. 

Shop From Your Own Closet

The most sustainable place to shop from is actually your own closet. Take a look inside and pick out your favorite sweaters, jeans, boots and other fall essentials. 

Another way to make use of your closet is to find pieces that you may not like that much and brainstorm ways you can upcycle them. My favorite ways to spice up drab pieces are to crop and embroider cute flowers on them. 

Check out JENerationDIY’s video for more upcycling tips.

Go Thrifting

Thrifting is one of my favorite hobbies. Whenever I’m in need of a new article of clothing, I hit the thrift store before buying a brand new item. For those in the Bay Area, Crossroads Trading Co. carries trendy and classic pieces from a wide variety of brands and price points.

If you can’t physically make it to a thrift store, online thrifting is the way to go. Some of my favorite online secondhand stores are ThredUp, Poshmark, Depop and TheRealReal. 

Ask for Hand-Me-Downs

A large majority of my closet and handbag collection happens to be hand-me-downs from my family members. Since my mom and I have similar body types, we often share clothes and shoes. My grandma was also a fashion icon back in the day, so I’ve inherited many of her classic purses. 

Hand-me-downs don’t have to just come from family, you can also ask your friends for clothes they may not wear anymore. You get new clothes and they get rid of unwanted pieces in a more sustainable way. 

Hello! My name is Eliza Roach and I am an Advertising Major at the University of San Francisco. In my free time, I enjoy creative activities such as sewing, embroidering, drawing, and writing as well as spending time with my family and friends. I am a huge foodie and have a weak spot for Japanese food. I have two pets, a mini Labradoodle named Aki and a Betta fish named Chad.
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