10 Less Common Destinations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List ASAP

Although we are uncertain of when we can return to travel as it was before, dreaming up some destinations and trips cannot hurt! Plus, it will definitely be a good time to hit-up some less traveled to destinations to avoid massive and antsy crowds!

  1. 1. Bugibba and Valletta, Malta, Europe

    brown concrete dome building near body of water photo in Valletta, Malta

    Malta will easily become your new European beach destination of choice after just one visit.

    Think: Beautiful Mediterranean Waters, Impressive Architecture, John the Baptist through World War II History, Amazing Gastronomy

  2. 2. Lisbon, Portugal, Europe

    woman wearing black coat passing on road while tram is near during daytime in Lisbon, Portugal

    Lisbon is a good spot to find what will become your favorite city in all of Western Europe.

    Think: Beautiful Architecture, Delicious Food, Inexpensive Drinks, Kind and Caring Locals, Inexpensive Museums

  3. 3. Marrakesh, Morocco, Africa

    person standing on open door of building in Marrakesh, Morocco

    Marrakesh is sure to become a destination that you crave to return to and inspires you to explore the rest of Morocco and the Maghreb. 

    Think: Inexpensive and Delicious Food, Beautiful Architecture, Close to Nature (the Atlas Mountains), Warm Temperatures Year-Round, Amazing Local Artistry

  4. 4. Sal and Praia, Cape Verde, Africa

    blue and red boat on beach during daytime photo in Cape Verde

    Cape Verde is a destination that is on the rise for its appealing and affordable options offering 5* resorts at a desirable price.

    Think: Warm Temperatures, Pristine White Sand Beaches, Affordable Food and Untouched Nature

  5. 5. Ajman and Ras-al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, Asia

    aerial view of beach during daytime photo in Ras-al-Khaima, UAE

    Dubai and Abu Dhabi are impressive and worthwhile destinations, but the warm seaside resort areas of Ajman and Ras-al-Khaimah are worth the drive for some time off in some different Emirates.

    Think: Over-the-Top Resorts, Delicious Cuisine, Warm Temperatures Year-Round, Warm Sea Temperatures, Hospitable People

  6. 6. Ella, Sri Lanka, Asia

    blue train surrounded by trees photo in Ella, Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka provides travelers with the opportunity to get off the grid and explore different aspects of the Earth; from stays in treehouses on Tea Plantations to hanging off the sides of trains, Sri Lanka has it all.

    Think: Rugged, Subtropics, Beaches, Rainforests, Diversity

  7. 7. Phú Quốc, Vietnam, Asia

    green palm tree during sunset photo in Phu Qouc, Vietnam

    Vietnam is an incredibly engaging and diverse country, but Phú Quốc offers the intersect of Southeast Asian appeal that many travelers crave — from island living to delicious food and mesmerizing culture, Phú Quốc has it all.

    Think: Pristine Beaches, Amazing and Affordable Food, Engaging Culture, Melting Pot, Warm Temperatures, Year-Round Appeal

  8. 8. Whitsunday Islands, Australia, Oceania

    free land image in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia

    The Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia are a collection of islands located near the Great Barrier Reef that feature stunning blue waters and mesmerizing coastlines.

    Think: Milky Waters, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Cruising the Ocean, Warm Temperatures, Pristine Beaches

  9. 9. Santa Marta, Colombia, South America

    people swimming on sea during daytime photo in Santa Marta, Colombia

    Forget everything you think you know about Colombia and picture a quiet beach town with well-kept beaches and beautiful architecture, that’s Santa Marta. 

    Think: Beaches, Caribbean, Islands, Warm Temperatures, Year-Round Attractiveness

  10. 10. Fortaleza, Brazil, South America

    aerial photo of seashore during daytime photo in Fortaleza, Brazil

    Fortaleza is Portuguese for Fortress and this is a beachside town, so if that isn’t enough to convince you to go, maybe the picture will do it.

    Think: Architecture, Beaches, Equatorial, Historic City, Carnival

If you have any other less thought of travel destinations, feel free to let me know on Instagram (@wheres.mc) and you may just see yourself featured in part two closer to Summer!