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10 Convenient Breakfasts for Zoom University

Online classes and the flexibility of being camera-off in bed, or prim and proper at your desk has dramatically changed most people’s morning routine. Never forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and even if you are eating it during class (no judgment!) it is still very important to get in. Here are 10 convenient, quick, easy and tasty breakfasts that are perfect for Zoom University!

1. Overnight Oats

Overnight oats require some forethought the night before but are easy to assemble and have a high satiety factor! If you’re feeling extra, add a banana or other fresh fruit in the morning for a bit of freshness to counter the icy cold goodness that is overnight oats.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a personal favorite of mine because it is hearty, warming and can be changed up depending on your mood! If you’re feeling like having a lot of fruit, you can load it up with your fruit of choice. If you’re feeling nutty, lather on a tablespoon or two of your favorite nut butter and enjoy. If you’re craving something sweet, add on some chocolate hazelnut spread or another sweet, indulgent delight and enjoy!

3. Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches/Burritos

If you have a full kitchen easily at your disposal, make-ahead breakfast sandwiches/burritos are super convenient and satisfying. These can easily be adapted to dietary needs and preferences, plus they can be made in large batches to accommodate multiple people or just last for a few weeks at a time.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the best things for on-the-go people because they can easily be transported and consumed while in transit. Plus, smoothies can be switched up to get in multiple servings of fruits and vegetables so that you can truly win! Add in protein powder, chia seeds (my fav!) or flax seeds for increased satiety. (Bonus: Use frozen berries/spinach/cherries for the nice cold factor without watering it down but use fresh bananas to counteract the icy texture and really smooth it out.)

5. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is a brunch staple but costs $15+ a plate, so learning how to make your favorite avocado toast is essential! Fun ways to spice up your avocado toast is by adding your favorite hot sauce, a balsamic glaze, making proper guacamole to add additional flavor or figuring out how to incorporate your favorite spice, veggie or feeling of the day.

6. Sweet Breakfast Toast

On the opposite side of the avocado toast spectrum is the option for a sweet toast. Some of my favorite ways to make a sweet toast are using a chocolate hazelnut spread (Nutella but without the palm oil) or a cashew nut butter and topping it with bananas, coconut, berries or another fruit that I have on hand!

7. Overnight Baked French Toast

If you’re trying to feed and impress a crowd, an overnight baked french toast is a great way to do it. If you’re just trying to feed yourself with all of the prep being in the night before, it is also a great meal! All of the prep for it happens the night before and when you’re ready to eat it you just have to pop it in the oven, sit back, relax and enjoy it a little bit later!

8. Waffles/Pancakes (One Batter — Two Options!)

I’m an advocate for homemade waffle and pancake batter because it is so simple and tastes so much better. Both waffles and pancakes are so easy to make and take just a few minutes using a griddle, pan or waffle iron, thus making this a convenient and delicious option!

9. Omelets

Omelets are a satisfying meal with endless possibilities. Load up your omelet with your favorite vegetables, your breakfast (non-)meat of choice if that is something that you’re into and enjoy!

10. Chia Pudding

Chia pudding requires some advance thought but takes just a few minutes to assemble and is so satisfying once it’s done! Once chilled and solid, just scoop out a serving, top it in your favorite way (like oatmeal) and enjoy!

Varying in time commitment, none of these require more than 10 minutes of hands-on attention the morning of to be consumed, making them an easy choice while otherwise occupied on a call. They are also all versatile and easily modified, adding things such as vanilla extract or cinnamon to sweet breakfasts can be a game-changer, and hot sauce can amplify any savory breakfast. Plus this avocado toast won’t cost you $15! Good luck with classes, stay healthy and eat breakfast!

MaryCate (she/her/hers) is a Senior International Studies major with a concentration in the Environment & Development and minors in African Studies and French Studies at the University of San Francisco. MaryCate is Campus Correspondent of HC at USFCA. She loves traveling, baking and all things related to coffee. While in San Francisco, you can find MaryCate getting brunch with her friends or indoor rock climbing in the Presidio. While not in San Francisco, MaryCate is frequently passing time at home with her parents in France or traveling anywhere, when safe.
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