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The popularity of YouTube has been growing and hitting headlines around the world.

There are so many different types of youtubers, vloggers, makeup, gamers, and so much more. I have been a fan of YouTube for about five or six years now. I know the struggles of getting tired of someone’s videos or not knowing which ones to watch.

Here are some of my favorite YouTubers that I know you will love too.


Photo courtesy of @kerenswan via Instagram

This family is so adorable. KKandbabyJ consists of Keren Swan, Khoa Nguyen and their three kids, Sutton, Jackson, and Landon. They post a vlog every single day featuring all their fun-filled adventures, whether it is remodeling their kids’ room to their kids’ birthday parties to just lazy days at home. Every vlog has something really cute or funny. Go check out this channel if you love seeing cute babies and really funny people.

Shane Dawson

Photo courtesy of @shanedawson via Instagram

I am pretty sure everyone has heard this name especially during his Jeffree Star documentary, Jake Paul documentary, and now his recent conspiracy theory videos.

Shane Dawson is best known for his multi-part videos and hilarious personality. School can get very stressful but watching some of Shane’s videos can definitely cheer you up on your worst days.

Alex Centomo

Photo courtesy of @alexcentomo via Instagram

I love this girl so much. She is one of my style icons and she has amazing videos. Her videos are mostly fashion related, including hauls and look books, but I love watching her vlogs too with her husband. (They are super cute together.) This youtuber is perfect for those wanting to get some style inspiration.

Danielle Marie Carolan

Photo courtesy of @daniellecarolan on Instagram

Danielle literally taught me everything I needed to know about college. She is a sophomore at the University of Georgia. Most of her videos focus on college life, but she still has a few fashion and lifestyle videos.

My favorite videos are her college week in the life. She’s such a happy and positive person, and watching those videos made me really excited to start college. If you are about to start college or are in college, definitely go watch some of her videos. 

Jill Cimorelli & Tara Michelle

Photo courtesy of @imtaramichelle on Instagram

I put both of these Youtubers together because they are best friends and my favorite. They have separate YouTube channels; however, you will definitely see both of them many times in each other’s videos. Both of them focus more on their vlogs. They vlog Disney trips, vacations, and day in the life. It is great to have on their videos while doing some school work.

I am a Senior at the University of South Florida majoring in Communication and on a pre-med track. I love Taylor Swift, going to concerts, and all things Disney.
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