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Finally, the spring semester is almost finished, and summer is right around the corner. Time for relaxing afternoons, hanging with your friends, and enjoying your time to yourself. However, with summer comes beach days, pool parties, and swimsuit photoshoots. For some people, this isn’t something to look forward to.

It’s incredibly hard to look at people on social media and constantly compare yourself to them. One day, I was on Tik Tok and saw a video that said, “Girls, just a reminder that summer is coming up, so it’s time for you to start working for that summer body!” The video might have had good intentions, but instead, it left me and others, really upset. Why is my current body not good enough? Why do I have to stress to look like every other influencer in order to feel good? What even is a “summer body”?

RF._.studio via Pexels

The truth is that your body is good enough. The truth is that you don’t have to look like every other influencer. The truth is that every single body is a “summer body.” 

Your body loves you and absolutely needs you to survive. The stigma behind having a perfect image is not only unrealistic but damaging as well. All body types are beautiful and should be confidently shown off. The media needs to stop body shaming and instead, inspire women to feel confident in themselves.

women with different body types
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Remember that we’re given only one body and it deserves to be nourished and loved. Work out only if you want to, eat if you’re hungry, and don’t skip meals! Social media fails to show influencers eating, editing their photos, and being regular people with insecurities. All of these things are completely normal. 

Your body is perfect the way it is.

So please, talk to yourself like someone you love. 

Hi everyone! My name is Alexis McDonald, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I'm currently double majoring in English and Political Science at USF. I'm also the Social Media Director for our chapter! I love reading, thrifting, and tea drinking! I enjoy writing about mental health, activism, and astrology! I have enjoyed writing since I was young and have grown to have a passion for it ever since.
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