Writing a Killer Job Application

It is nearing winter, which means not only opportunities to wear cute clothes (especially in Florida) and going home to see the family, but opportunities to look for new internships, part-time jobs and careers. 

Danny H. Rubin, is an author and speaker on advice for writing, networking and interpersonal skills. His recent book, "Wait, How Do I Write This Email?" provides templates for everything you will need in your hunt for a job or internship. In his bio, it is shared that the book "is used in settings like high schools, colleges, workforce development programs and even the Pentagon where educators work with active-duty military and civilian contractors." 

So basically this guy knows his stuff and has shared some insight on how to write a killer job application.

"Why do you want to compete, just win," Rubin shares. 

Rubin's Advice:

  • Quantify, Quantify, Quantify-People are really vague in their resumes. 
    • For example, " I managed a team of employees and increased sales." This is TOO vague! Add some numbers to help paint a picture for future employers. 
      • " I managed a team of 10 employees and increased sales by 20 percent in June."
  • Do Research (Crush their expectations)- People spend hours on trivial things. A job or internship should require just as much attention if not more. 
    • Never, ever ask if someone is hiring. If you do, it shows that you do not care enough to look into their business on LinkedIn or other professional sites.
    • For millennials, they expect that all you care about is yourself. Do some digging.
      • Google the company you want to work at. 
        • Find press releases, blogs and recent news. This will help with outreach emails, cover letters, job interviews, phone and in-person interviews. 
  • Don't Tell Me, Show Me- This connects with the first point. 
    • How much? How many?- You must demonstrate your value in real terms. On your resume, cover letter or application help depict and elaborate on why you are the right choice for this position. 
    • "No one else has your track record of success."
  • The Incredible Power of a Storytelling Cover Letter - When you learn to tell your own stories, doors will open. 
    • The cover letter should not be a reiteration of your resume, or else what would be the point? Tell a story that shows your skill and personality. 
    • "Hire character. Train skill."- Porsche CEO

These are just a few tips of the trade to set yourself apart from rest, because obviously you are a rock star! But these tips are awesome!