Why You Shouldn't Treat Harry Potter As Another TikTok Trend And Actually Read The Books

So, let's say you filmed a Harry Potter point of view (POV) video on TikTok, but you’ve never read the books before. Everybody’s been posting about Harry Potter. The franchise has its own park at Universal Studios, eight movies, and many more cinematographic projects yet to come. Lately, J.K. Rowling is being talked about on the news, and, unfortunately, not for good reason. What do you do from now on?

Maybe you were never attracted to the idea of reading a wizarding story before, or maybe you weren’t a fan of books. Everybody has their reasonings for not reading Harry Potter, and many non-fans are sick of Potterheads begging them to read the stories. Yet, here I am writing a story with real reasons why you should give the series a chance. Here are my reasons why you should read Harry Potter:

  1. 1. It's an easy read

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    Yes, Harry Potter has seven books in total, but it is not a challenging read. After all, it is a children's book. The language used is extremely easy to read, and the story is effortlessly immersible, which makes you want to finish every chapter as fast as you can. Of course, books such as The Order of the Phoenix or The Deathly Hallows have over 500 pages and may seem intimidating because they’re so long, but they actually feel 100 pages long.

  2. 2. Female characters are exalted and much more than just a love interest

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    The women of Hogwarts are powerful, thriving on education, friendship, and courage. They’re not treated as secondary characters that wait for men to save them from evil; they do the deed themselves. Let's be honest, if it weren’t for Hermione Granger both Harry Potter and Ron Weasley would have probably died before The Order of the Phoenix. Hermione and many other women in the Wizarding World saved Harry from so many near-death encounters, both directly or indirectly. You’re presented with women that you can actually connect with and relate to.

  3. 3. It teaches you that people can change and you shouldn't judge a person without having full disclosure (Spoiler Alert!)

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    During the first books, you’re presented with the idea that both Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy are villains. However, when the right time comes, you learn that both characters didn’t have much of a choice in life. Yes, they could have expressed themselves better and acted differently most of the time, but they weren’t allowed to. Severus Snape loved Harry's mother and grew up in a fairly strange environment, leading him to "choose" darkness and give Harry a hard time. On the other hand, Draco Malfoy didn’t have much of an alternative other than behaving the way his father wanted him to. They both apologized in the end for their actions, and the books explain their reasonings to be "bad," giving full disclosure on their characters.

  4. 4. It shows that happy endings aren't always real

    Sometimes you have to face the worst hardships to start a new stage of life. People will come and go, and their loss will teach you something that you’ll never forget. You have to learn how to be mature and apply what you’ve endured to your present situation.

  5. 5. It shows the importance of friendships and family

    One of the main themes discussed in the books is relationships. You see Harry evolving as a person and dealing with the loss of his parents and developing a relationship with his friends and his grief. At the same time, you see Ron and Hermione developing and learning how to express their feelings towards each other. Throughout the seven books, you’re presented with situations where you see all characters come together and grow emotionally and physically. It shows the importance of cultivating relationships and overcoming struggles that could break them apart.

    Harry Potter World Hogwarts

If J.K. Rowling is the reason you’re still not incentivized to read Harry Potter, there are many ways for you to read the books without supporting her financially. For example, you can borrow a book from a friend or rent it at a local bookstore or library.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you should read the series, but these are just a few of them. The Wizarding World will always welcome anybody who wants to join it. You, Hogwarts, and the many characters that come with it are just a page away from coming together.