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Why You Should See The Duff


If you haven’t seen The Duff collegiettes™, this is the article for you to read. If you have seen The Duff, this is still the article for you to read because there’s a treat at the end of it. The flick stars Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell and Bella Thorne and it’s a comedy which will make you want to fall of your seat laughing.

The basics:

Bianca (Whitman) discovers that she is the D.U.F.F. of her friend group – the designated ugly fat friend (ouch). She goes to none other than her childhood friend and jock, Wesley (Amell), who revealed her status to her with a plan to undo this. With high school mean girl Madison (Thorne) against her every move to let this happen, the movie unfolds into one full of laughs, the values of friendship and breaking high school stereotypes.

Here are the main reasons to get you to the moviez this weekend (or again because you just miss Robbie Amell’s face):

1. It’s a chick flick centered around high school, and now that we’re in college it’s nice to be able to laugh at the cliches we were surrounded by at one point

2. We watch a girl completely break out of her comfort zone and try new things – AND ENJOY IT!

4. The movie breaks the ridiculous stereotype that people from different cliques can’t be friends

5. It reminds us that sometimes the people we least expect will be the ones that are there for us:

6. And the reason which needs no explanation


Convinced yet?

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