Why It's Okay To Fail

In the spring, many high school graduates walk the stage ecstatic to end their high school career and start a whole new life in college. Many graduate with high marks and test scores as well as thousands of promises to keep their strong friendships and relationships. At this moment, they feel on top of the world. Then college comes around with many shocking changes that can be both positive and negative. Concerning negative circumstances, many students begin to doubt themselves and their abilities, which can be a major blow to one’s self-esteem. However, what many students and individuals in general fail to understand and accept is that it is sometimes okay to fail.

Failures and letdowns are life’s greatest teachers. We tend to remember and learn more from a failure than a success, due to the fact that it hits close to home. Think about it, when we fail we contemplate how we could have done better and what to avoid doing the next time around. That being said if we constantly succeed will we ever learn and grow?

Failure also pushes us to work harder in order to reach our goals. Usually, when one fails at something, it reminds the individual that they need to work a bit more in order to compensate that failure and eventually reach one's ultimate goal. Nothing that is really worth it will come with great ease. In addition to hard work, failure also makes an individual much stronger.

As painful as failure can be, it also allows one to discover a new path and can even direct ones future. If one is constantly failing at something, maybe it is a sign that that potential option is not one’s lifetime calling. It actually can provide a reality check and detour an individual into finding the right path.

Regardless of what one may fail in, keep in mind the light always comes at the end of the tunnel and failure makes success so much sweeter. Breathe in and remind yourself that failure is what allows us to grow and learn in life. It may not be fun, but remember that is not fatal.