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What Can Happen If You Meet One Of Your Tinder Matches

*This article contains sensitive material.*


A 28 year old woman met a man on Tinder while she was on a business trip in Australia. The woman, who remains anonymous, told officials she had down time on her business trip, so she decided to meet this local Tinder man for dinner. The woman told officials as the night carried on she began to feel dizzy. After dinner, her date escorted her to a nearby bar where she met the stranger's friends.

The woman awoke the following morning in the man's bed with no recollection of what had happened. All she could remember was that she was raped by multiple men. The woman shared this story with her coworkers who ended up reporting it to the police.  

Police told the victim that not everyone is on dating apps for similar reasons. They advised the woman to protect her drink in the future and if she were to meet another stranger, to take a friend along for the introduction.

In regards to this case, Tinder released a statement saying they will cooperate with law enforcement. Tinder wants the public know that they do not perform background checks on their 10 million users.

While Tinder may seem harmless and fun, take extra precautions to protect yourself, collegiettes™.

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