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What is BuJo and Why You Should Care?

Photo: Instagram @studyingsian

BuJo, short for bullet journaling is a new way to journal and take notes that is taking Instagram feeds by storm.

This new and insanely aesthetically pleasing way to journal is a trend that has blown up my social media timelines, so much so that probably half of the accounts that I follow on Instagram are BuJo accounts.

Photo: twentysomethingmeltdown.com

You’re probably wondering, “Who cares?”

Well, you should! Bullet journaling is not only incredibly artistically attractive, but it is a great way to get organized. A key point of a bullet journal is to organize your life into things you have to do throughout your day.

Essentially, it is a planner or agenda completely designed by your hands in a journal. Determining your “spreads”, or how you want your bullet journal to look is completely up to you! Which brings me to my next reason you should care about it: it is a creative outlet!

Photo: kraftyowl.com

While at university, schoolwork can definitely become a downer on your mood and can definitely sprout anxiety-filled days. However, BuJo is something that can kill two birds with one stone.

Not only, can it relieve stress through the creative process by using hand lettering, doodling, and creative and unique spreads specific to your taste, but can also relieve stress through planning. Personally, being able to organize all I have to do for the next few days, or even weeks, definitely helps take a lot of weight off of my shoulders.

Photo: i.pinimg.com

Overall, BuJo can be a great stress reliever and if you find your spreads to be especially creative and visually pleasing, you could begin a BuJo Instagram to inspire others. Starting BuJo can help you get your creative juices flowing, get organized, and overall, have fun!

Photo: Instagram @passion.themed.life

My name is Adrienne Salerno and I am a first year at the University of South Florida! I am interested in fashion, beauty, and writing! I am majoring in advertising and hope to one day advertise for a major beauty brand!