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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Waking up with a bright smile in the morning is a wonderful feeling. It’s like a fresh new start where you relax your body and release positive energy.

According to Mayo Clinic smiling is proven to relieve stress. As collegiettes™ we are sometimes under pressure with all the due dates coming up and we forget to calm ourselves.  Smile a little more throughout the day to release the tension.

Cheer up your face with a smile. It won’t entirely sincere at first, but you’ll find yourself feeling better even if you fake it.

Did you know that when you smile you increase your productivity? Smiling has been shown to increase productivity while performing multiple tasks. Therefore, when you are caught with tons of homework SMILE and see the difference.

Also, smiling makes you more trustful to others. Yes! It encourages trust. But, it has to be a genuine smile. Trust is vital when dealing with people. Remember relationships are built on trust. Let’s smile!

I bet when you are feeling sick or depressed you forget to smile. Well, smiling and laughter both have been shown to lessen pain. So, under tears and sad faces strike a smile and light up your day.     


The amazing part of smiling is that it’s contagious. Try smiling to every person you see and more than half will smile back. As you spread the happiness around you, one way or another, it will come back to you.

Collegiettes™ build attraction with a smile. Smiling makes people more attractive and confident. Now whenever you see a cute guy around campus you know what to do. Don’t simply make eye contact. Men are more likely to approach a woman who smiles!

There’s too many goodness with just a smile. Inspire others and create a happy environment. Living a life where smiles and laughter surrounds you is like a dream. Why not try it? We can all do it and have great time.

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From an early age Lucielle Salomon discovered her passion for the media. Becoming a media person has and is her goal in life. Energy, passion and laughter describe her. Having the opportunity to participate in different extracurricular events and becoming a professional model helped her become a confident and outgoing individual. Salomon considers herself as a person that embraces change due to her family relocating in different places over the years. Fashion is her passion. Further than clothes fashion is attitude and Salomon goes for it! Beyond her talent Lucielle always knew she had to follow her dream wherever it took her. “It does not matter what your dream is, it is what you do to accomplish it”. It’s a quote that is present in every decision she makes. Lucielle would love you profoundly, if you follow her on instagram/twitter: @luciellesalomon
Justine is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida. She received her B.A. in mass communcations in spring 2014. She was the 2013-2014 Campus Correspondent for Her Campus USF.She was also a News & Feature Writing Intern for College of Arts and Sciences and the Public Relations Campus Rep for Rent the Runway at USF. She is currently seeking agency experience and would love to someday work for a magazine, become a novelist, poet, editor, host of a Travel Channel show and much more.  She enjoys writing about fashion, beauty, art, literature, pop culture and student life. She spends most days listening to Lana del Rey, calming her nerves with various types of cheese, being sassy and trying to figure out when she can take a nap.Check out her website and portfolio here.She'd love you forever, if you followed her on Twitter @tinafigs_.Contact Justine regarding business inquires only at justinefigueroa@hercampus.com.