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We’re “Still Into You,” Paramore!

Paramore’s self-titled fourth album has a lot to prove, as the album comes four years after their third album, Brand New Eyes, and it’s their first album without members Josh and Zac Farro. Back in 2010, Josh and Zac decided to leave the band causing many to believe this to be the end of Paramore as we knew it, as Josh Farro was a main part of the music writing and composing. With this album Paramore definitely redefines themselves as a trio, who are still capable of making great music, and the album shows the bands growth and maturity musically, as they’ve taken all the adversity they’ve faced and have channeled it into this album. With a lot riding on this highly anticipated full-length album Paramore does not disappoint, as the album feels like a rebirth of sorts. The trio proudly displays their versatility and willingness to incorporate new sounds that still feel authentic, and they also show us that they aren’t scared of change and they aren’t one to stay stuck in the past.

While Paramore have ventured into to new musical realms and have experimented with new sounds they still make sure to maintain a bit of the “classic” Paramore sound with: “Now,” the first single off the album, “Anklebiters,” “Be Alone” and “Part II.” These songs remain the closest to the signature Paramore sound with their raw energy and brilliant rage induced lyrics.

One of the most musical departures Paramore takes is found in “Ain’t It Fun.” The dance-pop inspired song is fun and catchy, but it hides a lovely surprise towards the end – the addition of a gospel choir accompanying Williams that just sounds heavenly. The song is one of those songs that really take Paramore out of their element but shows that their experimenting pays off because this song is a gem.

“(One of Those) Crazy Girls” is a song about an obsessive ex-girlfriend who can’t seem to take a hint that the relationship is over. Although the song lyrics read in a creepy manner, “If you’re not here when I break in, I’m gonna go to your closet, Just so I can smell your skin,” the song will have you obsessing over it and playing it on repeat thanks to its infectious chorus and easy swaying 50’s pop sound.

“Hate to See Your Heart Break” and “Last Hope” give us the more emotional and vulnerable sides of Paramore that we may not often get to see. With their touching lyrics and mellow sound these songs really show off the softer side of Paramore.

“Still Into You” is the second single released from the album, and it chronicles that giddy feeling of butterflies and true love. It’s an upbeat song that will have you dancing around the room and singing along with Williams as she declares, “We sang along to the start of forever, And after all this time, I’m still into you.”

Overall this album was well worth the wait, and Paramore’s willingness to take risks and grow and experiment musically was a huge pay off, and this is why we’re “Still Into You” Paramore!

To listen to Paramore’s new album, with two exclusive bonus tracks, for free visit rdio.com/paramore and sign up for a free account.

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