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USF Top 20 Bucket List

Want to do something fun? Do you want to know more about your home at the University of South Florida? Here is a list of things to do on and around campus.

1. Jump into five pools.
This is a great way to get your fun in the sun kick. After meeting new friends, why not go and hang out with them at the pool and see how many different pools you are able splash into. HINT: USF has three pools located in Andros, Magnolia and in the gym.

2. Check out a group fitness class.
Taking a group fitness class will not only motive you in a fun way to get in shape, but you can also meet new, exciting people with the same interests as you. My favorite group fitness class is ZUMBA. I always feel great and never notice that time flies by. Be on the look out for our upcoming #WorkoutWednesday Twitter challenge!

3. Experience the Skypad.

Located on the fourth floor of the Marshall Student Center, the Skypad is a lounge for all students. It is a great place to study as well as play video games. The lounge is equipped with vending machine, TV’s and multiple plugs for your laptop.

4. Get a free agenda.
Each year, the Marshall Student Center gives out free agendas to students. Take up the offer and get yours as soon as you can with your student ID.

5. Go to three events.
Going to different club meetings or events is a great way to meet new people and new organizations around campus. Try to go to at least three events (or meetings!) and meet three new people at each event. This is a great way to meet new people and you never know if you might meet someone that is taking the same class as you.


6. Rent a canoe or kayak.
This is a great bucket list item for the more outdoors-y person. Riverfront Park allows current USF students to rent canoes or kayaks for only $5 a day for one boat. It is a great deal and is a must to do while you go to USF.

7. Splurge and buy a CD.
Sometimes getting back in the school mindset can be hard, so why not get a new music album?

8. Test your running skills.

There are many different ways to run around on campus and get some exercise. I recommend using the gym’s new track course or the USF Par Course that is near 50th Street.

9. Wear A USF t-shirt and count how many people are wearing your shirt.
This is a fun game to play even on a daily basis or whenever you wear a USF shirt. The object of the game is to try as few as ten people wearing the same shirt you are wearing that day. The game gets easier with each year at USF, as fewer people will own the same shirt as you.

10. Go to a football game.
This is the best time to show your school spirit. Tailgates and fun prizes are all the rage. Don’t have a ride to the game? Never fear, as there is a bus that leaves the MSC a couple of hours before the game. RSVP to our Chic Tailgate for the USF vs. FSU game for tailgating with a twist!


11. Take a stroll around campus at night.
The best way to know campus is to walk around campus. I find that the best time to do this is at night. Bring friends along with you and make it a bonding moment.

12. Go tanning on Castor Beach.
Castor Beach is located near Betty Castor Hall and is a great place to take up tanning and relax . It is a small beach, but the sand feels great.

13. Plank somewhere on campus and take a photo.

You may think that Planking was last year’s trend but it’s still fun to do. Plank somewhere on campus and get a unique photo to share with your friends.

14. Watch the sunrise on top of a garage.
Never watched the sunrise? Here is your chance to do so. The sun rising is not only calming but waking up that much earlier will start your day the way you want it to be.

15. Have a picnic
Why not? Pick any spot and campus and enjoy a meal. My favorite spot is at the Botanical Gardens.


16. Order from Feed-a-Bull.
If you are in the mood for takeout, why not order from Feed-A-Bull? It’s a local company for USF students to order great food from local restaurants without leaving their room. The service is quick and the food is amazing. I recommend trying it out for yourself.

17. Go to Frank’s Movie Theater
Want to go to a cheap movie? Frank’s Movie Theater in the University Mall is a great deal. Movies before noon everyday are only $5. Not only is it cheap, but hardly anyone ever goes there at that time so it seems like you are watching the movie by yourself.

18. Give someone a nice note.

It is always nice to be on the receiving end of a note whether it says “keep smiling, beautiful” or “call me, maybe.” Why not try to give someone a note to brighten up their day or to make a new friend? I am sure they will be grateful that you did.

19. Go to Bull Market.
Every Wednesday, USF holds Bull Market where many organizations and vendors come together to talk to the students about what they do. I recommend going to one as they always have free stuff to give away or have fun items to give out. My personal favorite is when I find the booth that does henna for donations.

20. Take a photo with an iron bull.

This is a fun photo opportunity with you and your friends. Just make sure you don’t crack your head while getting on the bull. We don’t want you to SCRAM-BULL.

Want an extra bonus? Take a photo of each bucket list item and make a photo album about it. This is a great way to store your memories and remember them fondly. Hope you have a great week!

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