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USF Students Weigh In: How do you balance work and classes?

Are you constantly seeking a balance between your job and your classes? If you’re like many students, you have bills to pay or you may just need a few extra bucks to go out on the weekends with your friends. How do you handle the workload of classes versus the time you put into your job?

Here’s how USF bulls answer the question: How do you balance work and classes?

“Very easily. I start with scheduling classes each semester with all classes being on the same day and some online. The other days I work, and usually do homework in the morning or weekends after work. I try not to stress about ANYTHING because it’s all about time management and that usually works for me. People shouldn’t stress too much. If they know they can finish something at a certain amount of time, then they should make sure they have that time saved for a day to work on that something.”
            -Melissa Montufar, senior, criminology
“I work during the day and attend class in the evenings or online, reserving the weekends solely for homework.”
            -Samantha Caldwell, senior, English lit and English education
“Very little sleep mixed in with large amounts of caffeine. I never do as well as those who don’t have to work but that’s what you get for being a white guy under Obama. We get no assistance.”
            -Ian Brockhouse, senior, English lit
“Alcohol, moshing, and metal, for they are a great release,”
            -Will Stone, senior,  mass comm. production
“Anxiety and no sleep… Large quantities of coffee, which ironically has a reversing effect at times, and puts me to sleep.”
            -Aubrey Clark, senior, magazine journalism
“Try to group your classes together so i can work half of the day, and go to class the other half. Also, working on campus helps for semesters like this one when class schedules aren’t so convenient.”
            -Brittney Elliot
“If you work on campus, like I do its pretty great because you can make your own schedule around the time YOU need. They understand you have classes obviously, and they’re willing to work with you. Working at USF is amazing and they are so flexible.”
            -Krystal Olivieri, freshman, criminology
“I simply don’t work lol”
            David Dzien, senior, psychology and criminology
“I work part time, i.e. 20 hrs. So, Once I’m done with finalizing and registering my courses, i schedule my work on days which do not have classes. If I do have a big quiz or a submission coming up, for which I need some extra time, I convey it to my Boss. He lets me make up the lost hours on other days, hence no loss of pay. “
            -Swati Srivastava, graduate student, comp science

“Sometimes I have to plan out when I can dedicate time to homework for certain classes and hold out on others, so I can get them done in a timely manner. Usually, I can’t do as much as I can on the weekends because I work all weekend. Sometimes it can be hard but I always get my work done on time.”
           -Carol Mitchell, junior,  political science and American studies

“In order to find a healthy balance had to move back home so I didn’t have rent to take up so much of my time. otherwise I would have never finished school.”
            -Priya Jaishanker, senior, broadcast journalism

“I do my homework early on the weekends so I won’t have to worry about it through the week.”
            -Naomi Prioleau, senior, news/editorial journalism

“I’m not working at the moment, as Organic chem and work don’t fit well together. Freshman year, I had class in the morning MWF and early afternoon T, R so I just worked at night during the week and then pretty much the entire weekend. I always lie and tell them 1 day I can’t work a week and use that day to do any big school stuff and unwind. Though Best Buy, really didn’t care about when I told them to work and scheduled me during times I explicitly said I couldn’t work, so I had to skip class a few times and had to fight with my supervisor/ scheduler a lot. When I started working for CMG, they didn’t try and work me to death and planned around my schedule, so I worked at night a couple days a week, and during the day/ morning when it fit with classes. After my first year at USF, I either had MWF off or T, R, so I would work mornings/ afternoon then and at night really whenever.”
           -Jeff Nagle, senior, psychology

“I multi-task like a crazy person (Thanks iPhone 4!) and keep track of all my assignments, test dates and work assignments in Google Calendars so I don’t get confused. I take everything an assignment at a time, focusing on what’s most time-consuming or due sooner first. Then I move on to the next task and try to keep breathing.”
          -Daylina Miller, senior, news/ed journalism and psychology

Numerous other students, like mass communications students Torie Doll and Lauren Laffer, don’t currently work, for reasons such as the economy being too bad to find a job or not having the time to hold one because of their school schedule.

What about you? How do YOU balance work and classes? Tell us in the comments!

Daylina Miller is a senior at the University of South Florida studying multimedia journalism and psychology and anticipates graduating spring 2012. She is a member of the national and USF chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists, Bull Bikers' Association, and the Heavy Metal Enthusiasts Club. She currently writes news features for USF's website and is an avid blogger. Her interests include traveling, writing, tarot, paranormal research and photography. She recently enjoyed a travel/study tour to London and various cities in Ireland and plans on backpacking through Europe after graduation. Being a mermaid didn't pan out and paranormal research won't pay her bills so her ultimate goal is to report for a well-respected daily newspaper or magazine as a multimedia journalist.
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