TV Tuesday: Why Young & Hungry Was The Best Summer Show

New TV shows are the greatest! The excitement they cause can be overwhelming and sometimes you find yourself watching the trailers on repeat.

In June, a new TV series came on ABC Family called “Young & Hungry.” It’s about a food blogger named Gabi Diamond who is selected to prepare a meal for a technological entrepreneur, Josh Kaminski. This lands Gabi a new job and a potential new love. This entire show is some crazy type of Throwback Thursday when you see some of the familiar faces.

The finale was just three weeks ago and I already miss it not being a part of my Wednesday routine. If you didn’t catch the first season of this show, or you were merrily uninterested allow me to persuade you.

None other than the two of the most talented, gorgeous and hilarious Disney kids of our entire generation are a part of it. Ashley Tisdale (“High School Musical”) is the producer of the show and Emily Osment (“Hannah Montana”) plays main character, Gabi Diamond. Isn’t it about time these two worked on a set together?

Gabi is completely relatable in more ways than one, huh?

Have you wondered where the adorable Mr. Jesse McCartney has been? Wonder no more, he’s right here. Jesse plays Cooper, who is a love interest of Gabi’s.

But there is also the wonderful and sweet Jonathan Sadowski (“She’s The Man”) who plays Josh Kaminski. A little advice, you should be rooting for him and Gabi the entire time. No exceptions.

There’s always something good cooking whether it be figurative or literal. Plus, it really lives up to its name, “Young and Hungry,” because by the end of it you’ll feel young and bloody hungry!

Then we have Yolanda, who is played by Kym Whitley (“I Love You, Man”). If you don’t love Kym already, you sure will by the end of the first episode. Her character is sarcastic, funny and is basically the mother hen of the show. She may express her love in odd ways, but one can definitely see how much she loves her “framily.”  

The script alone will make you feel like you just did ab workouts for a half hour straight, it’s that funny.

Then there’s that really high maintenance girl Caroline, who is totally wrong for the guy you’re in love with. Yet you don’t say anything to the guy you’re in love with because all you want is for him to be happy, even if it’s without you. Hopeless romantics, this is for you.

This guy’s quick comebacks and sassiness will make you rethink how quick and sassy you thought you were. Elliot Park is played by Rex Lee.

P.S. See what I mean about the script?

"Young and Hungry" reminds us of that one friend we all have. You know the one that tries to be deep, metaphorical and brutally honest. We’re always thankful for that friend, that’s why we love Sofia so much. Sofia Rodriguez is played by Aimee Carrero.

The characters are so inspiring and confident it makes you feel inspiring and confident. If Gabi can do it, so can you!

And finally, Gabi’s aprons. This is just one of many aprons Gabi sports throughout the season. They are always so vibrant and they easily make cooking look fashionable. You can even purchase them on Etsy.

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