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TV TUESDAY: We’ll miss you, HIMYIM

Mondays will no longer include our favorite MacLaren’s crew. Monday March 31 marked the final episode for the series that lasted 9 seasons. The HIMYM finale has left many people with mixed feelings. Some people loved it and some people hated it, it’s to be expected when the show was on for so many years. I was on the side that loved the finale but not for the reason you may think. There are some spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, you might want to go and watch it and come back to this article later.

Now that the show is over I definitely have a theory about why they chose to end the show the way they did. Ted was a “head in the clouds” romantic whose real life didn’t turn out the way he had hoped. He expected to be married by his mid 20’s with two kids, probably living somewhere in the suburbs. He kept thinking he met “the one,” but it never quite worked out the way he wanted it to. There was also the never-ending theme of Robin being the person he thought he was going to end up with. But we all knew that him and Robin wanted different things in life which is why they wouldn’t ever work. As long as Robin was anywhere in the picture, things weren’t going to work out for Ted.

Once Robin got married to Barney though, it was the perfect reason that Ted would find “the one” because he was finally letting go of Robin. Of course we know now that he meets the Mother in question. But remember, Ted isn’t meant to have the fairytale ending that he always wanted, so you almost have to expect that something wouldn’t go right.

We found out that the Mother got sick some years later and passed away. Also we found out that the kids are being told the story six years after their Mother passed away. The kids realize that the story isn’t necessarily about Ted meeting their mother but that it’s how Ted is in love with Robin. They encourage him to go after her, since she and Barney have been divorced for years at that point. The series ends with Ted standing outside her window holding that famous blue french horn that he stole for her in the first season.

It’s obviously not what you expected but, like I said, the show was never meant to have the “perfect ending.” I think the writers made the right choice with ending the show the way they did. Robin got to travel the world and Ted got to have his kids in his suburban home. I know we all thought Robin and Barney were perfect for each other, and in theory they were but maybe they weren’t meant to last forever. Even if you’re not happy with the ending you can’t help but feel happy that Ted finally got the woman he went after for almost all of the nine seasons that the show was on the air.


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