TV Tuesday: Scandal Returns

*Warning: If you haven't watched the current season yet, this article contains spoilers*

Have no fear collegiettes™, your favorite Thursday night television show has returned. “Scandal,” returned Jan. 29 with one question on everyone’s mind: who took Olivia Pope?

The hour picked up where the winter finale left off. Olivia and Jake shared a dance filled scene where she openly admitted she not only wants Vermont with Fitz, but the sun with Jake too. Of course this sweet scene lasted all of three minutes because before you know it Olivia Pope is being whisked away by an unidentified kidnapper.

While being held captive in what appeared to be another country, Olivia shared a room with a man named Ian. He appeared to be frightened by his captors claiming “he’s seen things.” Spoiler alert, at the end of the episode while Liv is trying to escape we find out Ian is in fact the man in charge of her kidnapping.

In the latest episode, the plot begins to thicken. We find out Vice President Andrew ordered Olivia to be kidnapped, so he could make Fitz declare war on West Angola. The question of the hour was will Fitz go to war for Olivia?

Things start to heat up when a video of Olivia is sent to Fitz revealing she’s still alive, but will be killed in 48 hours if he does not declare war. Fitz who could barely keep it together enlisted the help of Jake, Quinn and Huck to help find Liv.

Sadly, time ran out and with Mellie’s approval, Fitz declared war on West Angola to get Olivia back. Not to anyone’s surprise, VP Andrew decided he would keep Liv for the long run.

For a while it seemed all hope was lost, until Rose, a friend of Olivia’s missing neighbor, Lois came in asking, “Where’s the black lady?” Rose then explained how Olivia had a spare key to her missing friend’s apartment, but she can’t seem to find Olivia. Jake, Quinn and Huck searched Lois’ apartment and found the ring Olivia left behind as a clue. After Huck worked some of his hacking magic, the group was able to find out who exactly kidnapped Olivia. Thanks to Mellie snagging VP Andrew’s phone, they were also able to find out where exactly Liv was located.

Plot twist! The whole time everyone thought Olivia was in another country, she was actually a few hours away in Pennsylvania.

Jake and some DEA agents went to bring Olivia home, but by the time they made it to the warehouse she was already gone.

Just when you think there’s hope!

Turns out Olivia convinced Ian to sell her on the open market to the highest bidder because as she put it “own Olivia Pope, you own the president.” Fortunately, Huck was able to realize Liv was still dropping clues, so they could find her.

Catch the next episode this Thursday on ABC at 9 p.m.!

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