TV Tuesday: The Big Bang Theory Returns

The comic-book loving scientists are back!

It seems like yesterday when Penny moved in across the hall. Now the show is in season 8! Last season ended with their favorite comic book store burning down, Penny and Leonard getting engaged, and Amy wanting to move in with Sheldon, which caused him to go away. With all of that in mind, how could season 8 possibly top all of those big moments?

The season has started out with Sheldon deciding to return home after he got mugged in his car. He ends up at the police station and calls for Leonard to bring him home.

Howard disagrees with his mother’s new relationship with previous comic-book store owner Stuart. The pet names they have for each other and the thought of Stuart living with his mother makes Howard cringe.

Sheldon claims he learned a lot on his time away and is ready for any changes that may come. But, when he sees Penny, he goes right back to his old ways.

Speaking of Penny’s hair, how could you not love it? Her drastic pixie cut is so adorable and suits her well.

Penny’s hair isn’t the only thing she’s changing. She leaves her old waitressing job and Bernadette helps her get an interview for a job as a pharmaceutical rep.

With all of the changes, the one thing that has remained the same is eating Chinese take-out in the living room.

The season premiere has me so excited for what is yet to come. What were some of your favorite moments? To see what new shenanigans they will get into, tune in Monday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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