TV Tuesday: 11 Emotions While Watching Season 6 Episode 5 of The Vampire Diaries

*Warning: There are spoilers in this article!*

Hello collegiettes™!

So far this episode has been my favorite from the new season of The Vampire Diaries. This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions and freak out sessions. If you missed last week’s show, click here to catch up so that you can come back and read this post.

These are some of the emotions you may have encountered through this crazy ride:

  1. Annoyance

You felt for Caroline when she was stuck with Stefan’s new girlfriend after expressing her feelings for Stefan right to his face just a couple months ago. Then Stefan just left after his brother died, and not just any old brother, Damon. The brother that wouldn’t have given up so easily on finding a way to bring his sibling back from what’s left of the other side.

It was really low of Stefan to use Caroline, knowing her feelings for him and his feelings for her. Then we find out he wasn’t coming back for Ivy. WHAT ARE YOU DOING STEFAN?

  1. Anger


  1. Panic

Tyler was on the edge of turning werewolf again and we all know how Ty feels about all that.

  1. Sympathy

Liv totally felt for Ty and killed for him. If that’s not true love, then I don’t know what is…

  1. Annoyance again

Will the real Stefan Salvatore please stand up?

  1. Thankful

For Alaric’s totally B.A. speech to Stefan. Thank God Ric’s back because I don’t know what they would do without his abilities to call people out.

  1. Aggravation

Come on Elena, give up the charade. This isn’t the guy for you. There is a vampire stuck in Kai’s personal hell on the other side trying to get back to you.

I think we’re mostly all so upset Elena decided to take her memory away of Damon… AND STILL CHOOSES TO LISTEN TO HER OWN ADVICE. I MEAN WHEN HAS THAT EVER BEEN A GOOD IDEA?! Someone needs to tell her.

  1. Confusion

Why didn’t Alaric’s compulsion work on the Jo?!

  1. Hatred

I hate this Tripp character who keeps taking all of our vamps and torturing them. If Damon were here he would have already snapped this guy’s neck. Matt and Jer, you guys are slacking.


ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY SHOOT AN ARROW THROUGH BONNIE BENNETT'S CHEST. Riddle me this… why is it that this witch always seems to get the short end of the stick? It’s been an ongoing theme for several seasons and I’m sure we all get how big of a heart she has, but at the same time it’s about time she gets to be the winner.

Damon is my favorite character, but I think I would have rather seen Bonnie come back first rather than Damon.. or they both come back at the same time and Kai actually stays dead in his own personal Hell (because Bonnie totally deserved the credit for that killing).

Which brings me to my last emotion...


Yes, at the end the two brothers (Stefan and Damon Salvatore) reunite in the most heartfelt and ironically humorous way. We got to see how much they meant to each other. I mean finally Stefan expressed some kind of emotion he has for Damon. But what is Damon going to say when he finds out the only two people who were potentially looking for him and Bonnie weren’t his lover or his brother?

Did I hit them all? Were there any emotions you went through that I didn’t discuss? What were your opinions on the episode or Season 6 as a whole? Leave your comments below!

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