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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

So, recently I hit a new decade! The big two zero. Many people say twenty is a very stagnant year; old enough to not be considered a teenager, but still too young to go out with older friends or rent a giant blow up slide. Regardless, I reflected on everything I’ve learned up until this point and figured maybe these 10 things would resonate with you as much as they did with me. 

Life is meant to be romanticized

Even the smallest parts of your day like waking up, making a coffee, walking your dog, planning an outfit, regardless of how big or small, learn to implement gratitude and romanticize your life.

If they wanted to, they would

This took me so long to actually grasp and realize that people treat you exactly how they feel about you so if ANYONE is making you go? Drop them. 

You do not need to be perfect to deserve love

Repeat after me. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT TO DESERVE LOVE. It’s so important to not get in your own head about a moment that could be so great because you don’t feel ‘good’ or ‘ready’ enough. 

Would future you regret not doing it?

Before deciding to do or not do something, ask yourself this. 

Stop trying to be understood by people who have already decided they don’t want to understand you

Finding people who are in it for the long run, through the different phases of your life, is worth it. Those people are very much out there. Pay attention to how people react when you try to discuss something that’s important to you. 

Never settle. With anything. 

Friends, relationships, jobs, that $8 Starbucks coffee that’s lowkey gross but you don’t want to be “a Karen” about. Life’s way too short to be okay with the bare minimum. 

There’s magic in the work you’re avoiding

You know that project you’ve been putting off? Start it. Right now. There’s so much magic and importance in the work you’re procrastinating. You’ll learn a lot about yourself when you learn self-discipline.

Stop explaining yourself to everyone

The truth of the matter is not everyone cares for an explanation but more importantly not everyone deserves one either. If it makes sense to you and you feel it’s a good decision, nobody else has to understand it. 

You don’t have to make money off of your hobbies for them to be worth Your Time

I feel like society has put this huge bubble around our interests making it seem like a waste of time or energy if a commission doesn’t come from it. I disagree. Hobbies are what separates you from the corporate world for a little. Do things regardless of if it makes money or not. 

Understand that you can change who you are and who you want to be at any given point

Absolutely nothing is written in stone. Even if you’ve told your aunt Becky you’re on the path to be a brain surgeon and she’s already bought you embroidered scrubs. Your decision to change paths will always be valid.

Hello!! My name is Jamee and I am an Integrated PR and Advertising major at the University of South Florida! I'm super passionate about art, writing, fashion, and especially making people laugh! I hope you guys like my writing! I'm super excited to be involved with HerCampus! Go Bulls!!