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Top 10 USF Stickers on RedBubble Right Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Stickers have been a long-time fixture in most people’s lives. What started out as an innocent reward for a job well done in elementary school has transformed into a borderline obsessive collection. From laptops and water bottles to mini fridges and any other smooth surface, each person tends to have their own place they prefer to put their sticker assortment.

Sometimes stickers can get expensive, but luckily for you, there’s a solution. This solution comes in the form of an awesome online website called RedBubble! If you don’t know what RedBubble is, it’s an online shop where content creators can put their art, designs, etc. on various pieces of merchandise (stickers, wall tapestries, prints, clothing items, notebooks—you name it). Stickers vary on price, but are generally pretty cheap, plus RedBubble has some incentives in place to get you discounts (buy any four, get 25% off and buy any ten, get 50% off).

Obviously, it’s super cool to show school spirit, and your own personal sticker collection is a representation of who you are, so why not flex that you go to an amazing school? Here is a collection of fifteen super rad stickers to show your bull pride!

Can I get a “Go Bulls”?!

This minimalistic sticker is perfect for those that are direct and to the point. You know your team and you want to show it, in a super direct, super blunt way.

Our favorite phrase, but in a different font

If you’re a USF student, odds are you say “Go Bulls” a lot more than you probably should, and you should flaunt it! This green and gold version is perfect to show off your school colors.

The two colors that have taken over our lives

Obsessed with the green and gold color scheme? This Pantone color scheme is the perfect thing for you–subtle, but still showing that you bleed green with a heart of gold.

Because our logo should have glitter on it anyways

Here’s the logo everyone knows and loves, but with a twist. Obviously, there’s the classic green and gold, but get this: gold glitter. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

The sticker to match with the trending lip aesthetic

Rock and roll fans, beauty gurus, and anyone who loves the lip aesthetic: this is the sticker for you. A beautiful dark green color with your favorite location written on them.

This sticker with a little bit of everything 

What’s better than one sticker? One sticker with some small mini stickers around it! This super cute green and gold sticker has a sprinkle of stars, with a heart, diamond, and everyone’s favorite hand signal.

Because home is where the heart is

This sticker is a Florida outline to rep your home state, with a heart over the Tampa area, because home is where the heart is. Above the Florida, the name of our favorite university is written in green and gold script.

A popular logo with a USF twist

What could be better than a green and gold sky with a beautiful mountain silhouette? Oh, maybe that it says USF. Show your school pride with a sticker similar to a popular logo you might just recognize.

As if we can’t get enough of saying “Go Bulls” already

This sticker is basically if the personality of all USF students was put into a sticker. Go bulls? Go bulls. Also, I can personally attest (considering I have this sticker on my laptop), that this sticker will get you tons of compliments if you’re sitting on campus studying.

One of the most iconic spots on campus

This sticker is a gorgeous sketch of one of the best views on campus. No need to walk all the way there when you could just carry it with you as a sticker.

Alexa Hilston is a student at the University of South Florida majoring in elementary education and minoring in communications. In addition to being a member of Her Campus at USF, Alexa also is social media manager for USF Hockey and vice president of PUCKerUp Sports. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, going to Disney, creating content, hammocking, and drinking water.
Hey! My name is Leticia and I am the Campus Correspondents here at USF. I am graduating in MAY (omg) with a degree in Advertising and PR. I am originally from Brazil, needless to say, I LOVE the beach and being outside! I enjoy everything from make-up to fitness and sports. In my free time you can find me thrifting, playing photographer, or at home with my hubby binging Netflix.